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10 ridiculously easy Free tote bag patterns

Here is the list of the most fab free tote bag patterns. Not to mention all these are my personal favorites in that you can easily construct one for you or for your kith and kin. But the finished project would be a “wow”.

These best free tote bag sewing patterns offer plenty of instructions and illustrations. Some of them are free printable tote bag patterns as well.


Keeping in view your struggle for free tote bag patterns to download, I have come up with a list of free tote bag patterns. Although, it did take me some time to collect the patterns. But I am happy with the list and so will you. 

These free tote bag patterns are among my favorite free patterns to sew. You can have a tote bag as pretty as the picture just by following the instructions provided. 

Without any delay, let’s kick off!

Free tote bag patterns for different fabrics

Felted tote bag

This free felted tote bag pattern is crafted by thesprucecrafts. Given the ease of directions incorporated even kids can follow the pattern to sew the bag. Since it is a complete tutorial on sewing a felted tote bag, you will be amazed by the step by step illustrations.

This pattern makes a tote bag to put in things like a notebook and some stationary for kids. And if you intend to use it, it can easily take care of your basic items.

Plastic canvas tote bag

Plastic canvas tote bags are quite famous but not everyone can make one. Particularly if you do not have a n easy to follow pattern, making a plastic canvas tote bag would not be smooth. 

If you also feel this way, then try making it again with this wonderful free plastic canvas tote bag pattern presented by freepatterns. This free pattern is produced by Richard Hedahl.

The pattern brings about a considerable sized tote bag with the size of 3 1/2 x 7x 11″.

Quilted tote bag

This free quilted tote bag pattern is especially my favorite. In that the outlook of the tote bag is quite fascinating. The small pocket on the outside is particularly cute.

It does not only add some detailing but is quite handy. Moreover, the stripes at the bottom, furnish it with a somewhat exclusive appearance. 

The size of the free quilted tote bag pattern produces a 12×14″ bag. 

Free tote bag patterns for different styles

Reversible tote bag

A reversible bag is many women’s go for choice when it comes to bags. And if you can have a reversible tote bag, how good it would be.

Here is the free reversible tote bag pattern designed by skiptomylou. The pattern is provided as a part of a thorough tutorial on making a tote bag. Along the pattern you will also learn making a pretty pouch which can be placed inside the bag to carry important things.

This fee pattern is suggested to create a reasonable size reversible tote bag.

Purse tote bag

This free sewing pattern by allpeoplequilt is a brilliant effort to have two in one feel. The free purse tote bag pattern carries the semblance of a purse coupled with the ease of a tote bag.

You can place your necessities in the bag whilst putting the mostly used things in the outer pocket. Also the size of the outer pocket is big enough to hold in a cell phone.

This free purse tote bag pattern makes a 8x10x4″ bag.

Tote bag with zipper

Tote bags with zippers are also gaining popularity nowadays. Keeping this in view, I have included this pattern by sewcanshe. It is a super easy free tote bag pattern with zipper.

You can use any fabric, but if you follow the pattern you can learn making a color blocked tote bag with a zipper. Not only there are enough directions,and illustrations, but also there is a video tutorial on sewing the bag.

The size of the bag falls in the large category if created by this pattern.

Tote bag with pockets

Tote bag with pockets does not only add the detail to the bag, but are quite practical. This free tote bag pattern carries wonderful wave pockets. It is the work of sew4home. You can learn how to use your tote bag as a fashion statement in addition to catering to your needs.

The wave pockets on the front and back, and the stripes on the upper portion of the bag shows the detailing in the pattern. You can find the detailed instructions along with the free printable tote bag pattern with pockets to make on for yourself.  

The free pattern produces a sizeable tote bag with pockets which you can take for shopping.

Tote bag with striped pockets

Pockets, pockets, and pockets. Some never get enough pockets in their bags. If you are also among those, try this free tote bag pattern with pockets by thesprucecrafts

You can follow the detailed directions and make the tote bag with the pattern as described. The strips style pockets not only furnish you with space to keep things but also adds on to the presentation of this simple tote bag.

This free tote bag pattern with pockets can create a large size bag.

effortless tote bag

I just included this free pattern for tote bags, just in case you are feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. If you can not bring yourself to follow any of the aforementioned sewing patterns, then this tote bag pattern is particularly for you.

All thanks to purlsoho, for sharing with us an easy to make tote bag free sewing pattern. Just follow along and you can design one for yourself simply in just twenty minutes.

Basket tote bag

I really appreciate this unique free tote bag pattern from applegreencottage. This is a double purpose tote bag pattern. One is a bag pattern which you can take with you for shopping whilst the other one depicts a convenient basket tote which can handle things for you at home as well.

Also the pattern is available in three different sizes.

The closure

Once used only for grocery, the tote bags are synchronously used for almost everything. Given this the tote bag sewing patterns and styles have also evolved a lot. 

I have enumerated all the major types of tote bags with their free sewing patterns based on their applications. Stitch and enjoy having one for each occasion. Or how about trying out some free purse patterns.

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