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Free Sewing Pattern for medical face mask- double and triple layer

Here is the sewing pattern for medical face mask to make double and triple layer face masks at home. I have followed these patterns to make perfect double and triple layer face masks with a sewing machine. 

Whilst looking for the one, I have come across a number of free printable pleated face masks patterns, but not even a single one really tells how to make a triple layer medical face mask. 


So unlike most face patterns online, I will be sharing with you how to sandwich a silk layer between two cotton fabrics. You will also find below not only the free printable patterns but also the method to draw them and sew the masks as well. Simply by following the steps you can draw the patterns and make the masks yourself.

Therefore, just make sure you tag along to have the medical face masks right in your hands.

You will be able to learn how to sew a pleated face mask at home. Along with,

Making double and triple layer medical face masks

sewing pattern for Double layer medical face mask

Scale (H x W)

For adults 20x40cm

For teen agers 18x38cm

For children 16x35cm

Pattern for medical face mask- double layer

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler

Sewing pattern for pleated medical face mask- double layer


  • Sewing machine
  • Marking chalk
  • Scissors 
  • Iron
  • Thread 
  • Pins or clips 
  • Fabric pieces: 40x20cm
  • Two elastic loops of 25cm each

Instructions for sewing

  • Take the fabric and cut it according to the size.
  • Now place the fabric with the right side downwards.
  • And fold 1cm upward i.e., the wrong side of the fabric. Iron the fold right away.
  • Redo this step onto the same folded side of the fabric. So that the side gets folded twice.
  • Fold on the other side in the same way but once.
  • Now fold the fabric with the right sides inside and stitch the raw side.
  • Bring the right sides out and iron it.
  • Put in the head ties on both upper and lower side and stitch it to secure the ties.
  • Pinning the fabric before sewing will be helpful.
  • Now place inside the wire for nose piece on the side which has double folds.
  • Stitch it to hold the nose piece in place.
  • Sew the bottom as well.
  • Double the mask with elastics on the sides and tie the ends of head ties together.
  • Set the ties properly so that the knots are inside of the mask.
  • Pull both sides and you can see the pleats.
  • Now stitch along the sides of the face mask to secure the pleats and the mask is ready.

Sewing pattern for Medical face mask having triple layers

Scale (H x W)

For adults 19x23cm

For teen agers 18x22cm

For children 17x21cm 

Instructions for making the mask pattern

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Rectangle ABCD of 19x23cm
  • On the side AB mark 5cm right in the center of the line. Leaving 7cm above and 7cm below the marked space. 
  • This is the pattern for a surgical face mask with three layers of breathable fabric.

Sewing the medical face mask

  • Fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Marking chalk
  • Thread
  • Pins or clips
  • Two elastic loops of 25 cm each
  • Get three fabrics of the sizes according to the pattern.
  • Place the fabric in this order: lining, front layer, inner layer.
  • With the front layer’s right side facing the inner layer’s wrong side.
  • And the inner layer’s right side facing the front layer wrong side.
  • Sew all the sides except the 5cm opening in the middle of one side. 
  • Cut the edges to get neater corners of the face mask.
  • Bring the right side of the mask out of the opening.
  • Poke the corners out properly.
  • Since it’s time to stitch the pleats, to have a neatly shaped fabric iron it properly.
  • Mark the mask at 2cm, 3cm, 2cm, 3cm, 2cm, 3cm in the same order thrice on both sides of the mask to make pleats.
  • Now grab the initial 3cm mark and fold it to meet the first 2cm mark and fold it like this.
  • And fold it like this. 
  • Iron the folded fabric from both sides.
  • Repeat this step with all the marks and iron it once again.
  • Redo the previous step to make pleats.
  • Sew along the length of 3cm on both the sides of each pleat.
  • Now stitch all the borders by the end you will have a mask without ties.
  • Fold and stitch the sewed 3cm portion on both the sides to make the space for inserting head ties.
  • Insert the elastic loops, tie the ends, pull the knots inside and here is the homemade medical face mask with three layers.

What is next?

After sewing the surgical face mask by following the pattern, what about trying some other home made face masks. There are many other face mask patterns out there which you can draw yourself and make quality face masks at home.

Do not forget to keep wearing face mask till CDC directs otherwise.

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