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Sew Face Mask- 5 Quick DIY designs

Here is the guide to sew face masks at home. I have included 5 different yet simple styles for sewing face masks at home. So, that you can have a different face mask each time which compliments your attire.

To help out, I have organized the face masks in the order from formal to casual clothing.

Bear in mind that sewing a face mask requires some preparation beforehand. And the most significant is the pattern you are inspiring to follow. 

Since there are a myriad of face mask patterns you might have already decided which one to go with, just follow along and I will be sharing with you the most famous yet simple face masks which you can sew simply with your sewing machine.

How to sew face masks at home?

If you don’t have the pattern to sew a face mask at home you need to get yourself the face mask pattern first. The patterns help in making masks and ensure that all of the facemasks you sew are perfect. With each one holding symmetrical sides no matter what.

In the article you will learn,

  • How to sew a face mask with elastic
  • How to sew a face mask for glasses wearers
  • How to sew face mask with filter pocket
  • How to sew a face mask with ties and without pattern
  • How to make a no sew face mask

How to sew a face mask with elastic

3D face mask – double layer, one piece face mask without pleats

Elastic loops size for:

  • Adults (L) 10 inch 
  • Teenagers (M) 9inch
  • Children (S) 8inch


  • Take two fabrics and cut them according to the pattern.
  • Now sew all the edges on the wrong side except the top most.
  • Cut the extra fabric around the borders.
  • Bring the inside out from the only unstitched side. So that the right side will be visible.
  • The corners need to be properly pushed out. Now iron it so the mask will appear neat.
  • Fold the raw edges of the unstitched side inside almost 1cm and iron it as well. Sew all around the borders.
  • Turn the mask over. And double it like this.
  • Fold the other side as well. Keep ironing at every fold.
  • Now sew both folds on the right side of the mask with very little seam allowance. So that you can have neat stitched fringes on the front.
  • To create the place for hair ties, fold the sides almost 2cm like this and iron. On the wrong side of the mask.
  • Insert in the elastic ties and stitch the space close.
  • Close to this line on the wrong side of the mask, open the folds like this and sew it up.
  • Redo the earlier step on the other side also.
  • Here is the 3D face mask with elastic loops.

How to sew a face mask for glasses wearers

Fitted face mask – double layer

Size for each hair tie

  • Adults (L) 12 inch 
  • Teenager (M) 10 inch
  • Children (S) 8inch


  • Cut two pieces from the fabrics according to the dimensions of the pattern.
  • Place them with right sides facing each other and wrong sides outward.
  • Now sew all around the sides leaving the two borders where ear loops are to be attached.
  • Bring the right sides out from the unstitched corner and iron it.
  • Now double 6.5 cm fabric on the inside. First the lower end.
  • Then the upper end, i.e., the nose side, double it above the initial fold. Iron the folds.
  • Now sew these two folds with little seam allowance.
  • Sew the edges of these folds on the inside of the mask as well.
  • Sew the mask on the inside by opening the folds like this.
  • Now stitch the two unstitched sides by first ironing them. This will create the space for hair ties.
  • Insert in the elastic ties. Knot the ends together and hide the knots inside the mask.
  • This is the face mask with nose wire for glass wearers.

How to sew face mask with filter pocket

Olson face mask- nose wire included

Elastic loops size scale:

  • (L) Adults 9inch
  • (M) Teenagers 8cinh
  • (S) Children 7inch 


  • Since it is a triple layer face mask, you have to pre decide on the fabric for each layer. The innermost fabric has to be 25x20cm, the middle one will be 30x20cm, and the outer layer would be 35x20cm.
  • Fold each fabric and cut each one of them in size following the pattern.
  • Sew along the circular edge of the two pieces of each layer. With right sides inside.
  • Now sew exactly on the same place, a decorative stitch on the right side of the outermost layer as well.
  • Sew the raw edges of the innermost layer piece. And cut the extra fabric of the seam on the wrong side.
  • Then set the three layers in this order; the outermost layer then the innermost and then the middle layer.
  • The right sides of the outermost and innermost layer have to be facing each other, and the middle layer’s wrong side will be upfront.
  • Sew the top and bottom borders of the mask.
  • Pinning the layers together before sewing will be helpful.
  • Now turn the mask inside out. Iron it to get a tidy appearance.
  • Now place the nose wire inside. And stitch top to secure the nose wire and bottom edge with the right side of the mask upfront.
  • Sew both the raw sides of the mask to create space for inserting elastic. If you want to use hair ties, then before sewing, fold the fabric ties with the raw edges. And then stitch.
  • Position the ties.
  • Place the filter inside and the face mask with a filter is ready.

How to sew a face mask with ties

Round type face mask

Size scale for ties

  • (L) Adults 11inch
  • (M) Teenagers 10inch
  • (S) Children 9inch


  • Take a single layer of 4 pieces of fabric according to the pattern.
  • In case you do not have the pattern cut the fabric into the circle of the size you require.
  • Cut four pieces out of the fabric.
  • Place two pieces of the fabric with the right sides facing each other. And sew along the circular border.
  • Do the same with the other two pieces.
  • Iron the edges of both the pieces on the wrong side like this so that the mask will appear neat and nice.
  • Now bring the right side out of one of the pieces and place it inside the other one.
  • Set and pin the two parts together. 
  • You will have the wrong side of fabric in front of you. And the right sides are on the interior.
  • Stitch all around the corner whilst leaving 5cm border opening raw.
  • Now trim the edges of the mask. Trimming will bring about a clean look of the facemask.
  • From the unstitched part, bring the right side of the mask out.
  • Iron along the edges properly so that it can hold its shape.
  • It’s time to attach hair ties or elastic loops. Pin them down on the sides of the mask like this. And stitch all over the edges with the sewing machine.
  • Your face mask is ready.

How to make a no sew face mask

You might have not known that you can simply make a no sew face mask at home. You just need the pattern and cut the fabric in line with it.

  • Fold the fabric and place the pattern atop.
  • Now cut the fabric in shape and your face mask is ready to wear.
  • If you want to add some detail, you can choose to cut two pieces according to the pattern and sew them together. Then stitch a decorative stitch on the right side of the no sew face mask. This step is not essential but will definitely furnish the mask with a stylish appearance.

What else!

Being able to sew your own face mask at home is always an advantage. You can not only make custom facemasks for yourself but also help others by donating homemade masks.

You might be thinking that I forgot to share with you how to sew a pleated face mask. Well not really, here are two detailed methods for sewing pleated face mask along with the patterns. 

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