Here is the comparison and review of the Singer vs Brother sewing machines along with the best models.

Both the Singer and Brother are amongst the top sellers of sewing machines, presenting one of the best designs on the market. Making sure the consumers will be able to get an unmatched value when it comes to using the sewing machine for creating and designing.

singer-vs brother
Singer vs Brother sewing machines are equally capable machines.

This is not it, each model carries a special feature, which makes it ideal for the users be it SInger or Brother. And just in case you require customer service, you’d know how simple the process is. Just go to the official website anytime for assistance. This service is also available for both brands.

Not only this, in terms of advancements, the Singer vs Brother sewing machine comparison shows how both brands are keeping up with synchronous users’ demands.

These both companies present new and up to date versions from time to time. Perhaps the most interesting thing about them is that the sewing machines the singer vs brother sewing machine outputs are amazing. The stitches are precise and intact each time you operate.

You can easily find a sewing machine for any level of skill in both brands’ model range. I would rather suggest that the machines are mainly constructed to work with any sewist, given the precise operation. Moreover, they are designed proficiently so they can be used for years to come.

Due to the straightforward construction of the sewing machines, you can easily get the knack of it after initial few trials, but just in case you need some guidance. You can find a plethora of videos and stuff to help you out on Youtube as well as social media.

Singer vs Brother

Since you are already here, I presume that you are aware of both Singer and Brother sewing machine brands. Well if not let me tell you a bit about them.


The brand, Singer marks its inception in 1851, which makes it a quite experienced and reliable name in the sewing field. Even today the company continuously inspires sewists of all ages and experience through its various sewing machine models.

We see Singer as a major provider of sewing machines, but the company did go through  twists and turns and is still developing as a brand. As of today Singer patent is owned by SVP worldwide.


Brother is a Japanese sewing machine brand. In comparison to Singer it is quite a new brand. The company was established in 1908 with the name Yasui Sewing Machine Co. in the same country.

In 1962, the company was renamed as Brother. And till date it is presenting reliable sewing machines for customers in addition to manufacturing other home electronic items.

Brother vs Singer sewing machine reviews

The sewing machines manufactured by Brother and Singer are mainly easy to carry. But not all models are lightweight and portable. 

The portable models necessitates a plastic construction. But this does not imply that the sewing machines are of low quality. Also most of the sewing machines which are produced recently by other brands are also made of plastic.

Nevertheless, you can find the sewing machines carrying inner parts or the frame made up of metal as well.

Cost and quality

Whilst comparing the sewing machines by cost, the Brother vs Singer both companies focus on the buyer’s purchase power. So the price range for both the machines is not too high.

You can easily find a basic Brother or Singer sewing machine even for $100. Thus, you can get a reliable sewing machine with accurate stitches without spending a lot.

Yet there are always some sewing machines which are designed to furnish users with most of the features whilst keeping the cost low. 

Singer vs Brother sewing machine for beginners 

Singer 5400 vs Brother LX3817

Here is my review of Singer 5400 vs Brother LX3817

The Singer 5400 carries an amazing range of built in stitches as compared to the Brother LX3817.  The prior one is also able to handle heavy duty fabrics. But if you want a straightforward sewing machine for regular use just go for the later one.

As mentioned above the Singer 5400 is a versatile sewing machine furnishing users with a plethora of creative options. It holds all the bells and whistles of a fancy machine. Although it is easy to use, it is not that simple for young beginners. But being an adult learner, this machine is ideal for you. With its huge 60 built in stitches you will have a lot of freedom to create unique projects.

However the Brother LX3817 is a lightweight ready to use out of the box sewing machine. It offers 17 built-in stitches. Which are quite few in number in comparison with the Singer 5400, but the options are enough for beginners to learn and explore the creativity of sewing.

The closure- Singer 5400 vs Brother LX3817

In my eyes, the Singer 5400 is more recommended for adult beginners but for young teenagers I would choose Brother LX3817.

Brother XM2701 vs Singer 1304 start mechanical vs Singer 8280

Whilst comparing the Brother XM2701 vs Singer 1304 start mechanical vs Singer 8280 , I have found Brother XM2701 to be a better option. It offers more and is easier to use viz-a-viz than the other two. 

Here is the review of best mechanical singer sewing machine Singer vs Brother. I have decided to compare these three sewing machine models in that all are designed for basic operation. 

The Brother XM2701 is a particularly lightweight sewing machine by the brand. It is probably one of the best valued sewing machines out there. You can simply learn to stitch in minutes without any prior experience. The free arm function is also available.

Offering 27 various stitching options including an automatic buttonhole, this sewing machine is an ultimate option for beginners. The drop in top bobbin feature is also useful in enhancing the efficacy of the process for beginners.

Whereas, Singer 1304 start is also an easy to operate sewing machine which is ready to stitch the moment you’d unbox it. The machine offers 6 built in stitches including a four step buttonhole feature. Besides the bobbin is front load.

Also the Singer 8280 is a basic sewing machine providing 7 stitches including an automatic buttonhole. This machine is also particularly useful for sewing cylindrical items like cuffs and sleeves due to its free arm feature.

The closure- Brother XM2701 vs Singer 1304 vs Singer 8280

In terms of liberty of creativity Brother XM2701 is sure to be the best amongst the three.

Singer 7258 vs Brother SC9500

Here is the review comparison of the Singer 7258 stylist sewing machine vs Brother SC9500 computerized sewing machine.

Both the singer vs brother sewing machines are quite similar in manufacturing. Both the machines carry a drop-in bobbin, precise presser foot, LCD display, automatic needle threader, and free arm feature. 

The Singer 7258 offers 100-stitches and a programmable needle. It holds a great lineup of decorative stitches. With its 76 built in options you can easily customise your projects with individual decorative stitches.

On the other hand, Brother SC9500 computerized sewing machine is rather a multifaceted model. You can not only carry out sewing and quilting with the machine, but the number of various stitch applications make it a loved machine by many like me. It offers 7 built in quilting stitches as well as 20 decorative stitches.

Not only this, the table runway also makes it easy to use for bigger quilting projects. All in all the Brother SC9500 definitely offers more in terms of features and versatility.

The closure- Singer 7258 vs Brother SC9500

To me Brother SC9500 offers all I require in a quilting and sewing machine.

Singer 1512 vs Brother SM1704

Here is my review of the Singer 1512 Promise II electric sewing machine vs Brother SM1704 17 stitch sewing machine.

If you are a beginner and are intending to get a lightweight model go for the Brother SM1704 viz-a-zia Singer 1512. Moreover, The Singer 1512 Promise II electric sewing machine holds 13 stitches whereas Brother SM1704 offers 17. 

The Singer 1512 Promise is a 13 stitch sewing machine including an automatic buttonhole. The metal frame construction makes it a reliable option for usage over the years. Furthermore, the machine offers an easy set up despite its full size. 

Whilst on the other side Brother SM1704 is a portable sewing machine weighing around 13 pounds. This 17 stitch sewing machine is ideal to use for all types of regular sewing projects as well as sewing up the ripped clothes. Besides, this is another option for you to kick start sewing as a novice due to its user friendly construction.

The closure- Singer 1512 vs Brother SM1704

The Singer 1512 vs Brother SM1704 battle is won by Brother SM1704. It won three rounds. I It is a fully equipped, portable, easy to use sewing machine. Whereas the Singer 1512 can be considered if you want to work on various different materials due to its tension adjustment feature.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 vs Brother CS5055 

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 computerized portable sewing machine vs Brother CS5055 Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer 9960 offers a lot of liberty to sewists in that you can enjoy sewing 600 stitching styles. Which is quite a number when compared to 60 built in stitches of Brother CS5055.

But holding too many options naturally calls for complexity so if we consider ease of use for newbies, this Brother model would definitely land on the list.

The closure- Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 vs Brother CS5055 

As a beginner Brother CS5055 is a good choice but if you are even a little bit higher at the skill staircase, you would surely choose a fully equipped sewing and quilting machine like Singer 9960.

Singer vs brother sewing and embroidery machine

When it comes to sewing and embroidery machines Brother definitely holds an upper hand. We all have come across the Brother SE425 and Brother SE625 and seen how beautifully they perform.

So let’s compare Brother vs Singer embroidery machines. 

Brother PE800 vs SINGER | Legacy SE300

In a few words, if you are a beginner at embroidery, you would be having Brother PE800 because of its straightforward function. But if you are an experienced embroiderer, you can easily opt for Singer SE300 and have a sturdy embroidery and sewing machine. 

Here is my review of Brother PE800 vs Singer Legacy SE300.

Both the Brother PE800 and Singer SE300 share some features. For instance, touchscreen LCD, extra large work space, and automatic needle threader. 

Nevertheless, there are many features that these machines hold individually. The Brother PE800 offers a total of 138 stitches by default. In case you want to try out some new design, the USB port makes transfer of designs easy according to your projects. Furthermore, the machine presents a somewhat easy and straightforward operation as compared to many other embroidery machines.

Whereas, the Singer SE300 is also a computerised embroidery machine holding 200 embroidery designs and 250 stitches. So in terms of adaptability this machine definitely offers more. Although it appears to be a basic sewing and embroidery machine, it is not that simple to operate for learners. 

The closure- Brother PE800 vs Singer Legacy SE300

The Brother PE800 is more of a simple to use machine with enough options for creating beautiful projects. Whilst the Singer SE300 being a combo machine offers a lot more. Moreover, the hoop is 10 X 6 inches, which is a highly coveted feature for bigger projects.

Brother strong and tough sewing vs Singer heavy duty machine

Both the brands have specific models for heavy duty sewing projects. Here is my comparison of the Brother strong and tough sewing vs the Singer heavy duty machine.

These sturdy sewing machines are particularly designed to handle thick fabrics. Which means they are made up of some extra strong metal frame. This does not only ensure that the operation remains quiet and vibration less but also furnishes you with a reliable motor for thicker materials.

Singer 44s vs Brother ST371HD

The Singer 44s sewing machine models are particularly appreciated, heavy duty sewing machines. Also Singer is known for its full size heavy weight sewing machines, so in the category of strong and tough sewing machines the first spot belongs to Singer 44s sewing machines.

Here is my comparison of Brother ST371HD vs Singer Heavy Duty 4452.

The Brother ST371HD is a heavy duty model offering 37 stitches. The top drop in bobbin coupling with the automatic needle threading feature, setting up the machine becomes rather easy. Which makes it a user friendly sewing machine.

On the other hand, Singer 4452 carries an abundance of creative options with its 110 stitch applications. Although it holds 32 stitches by default. 

The sewing machine is specially designed to cater thick fabrics so the construction is mainly of metal. Also the motor is a real beast which is many times stronger than other brands presenting heavy duty sewing machines. Besides, it can sew upto 1100 stitches in one minute.

The closure- Singer 44s vs Brother ST371HD

The Singer 44s sewing machines are definitely better and highly rated as compared to Brother ST371HD.

Brother quilting sewing machine vs Singer

Brother sewing and quilting machines are frequently brought into discussions than the Singer. It primarily owes to the fact that these machines are in the field on a large scale. For instance, we are well acquainted with Brother XR9550PRW and Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine.

But Singer is definitely not lagging behind. With its products like Singer 7469Q it remains a top priority of many sewists around the globe. 

Brother HC1850 quilting sewing machine vs Singer 7469Q vs Brother CS6000i

Here is my review of the Brother HC1850 quilting sewing machine vs Singer 7469Q vs Brother CS6000i.

Without any prelude, I would simply state that the Brother CS6000i is the best sewing and quilting machine for beginners. It is easy to use, carries 60 stitches which are more than enough functions for novices to learn and complete projects with unique decorative stitching.

Whilst Brother HC1850 is not lacking at all, it’s just that the machine exhibits an increased number of stitches. It holds 185 built in stitches which is definitely a huge plus for a professional seamstress or quilter.

The Singer 7469Q can be a good option for the people who are looking for a medium range of stitch options. But this machine is not my recommended sewing and quilting machine for beginners. There are just too many options and the quilting feature also requires prior experience to unleash its latency.

The closure

Both the Bother and Singer sewing and quilting machines are great from different stand points.

Sewing machine maintenance Singer vs Brother

Maintenance of a sewing machine does not usually depend upon a brand. You would need to oil and remove the lint for any model you purchase. But the frequency of cleaning might vary.

If you are a professional seamstress your sewing machine entails, cleaning and oiling before you kick start each new project.

Therefore, SInger vs Brother sewing machine maintenance is subject to usage of the machine. But keep in mind regular cleaning of any machine is indispensable to its capacity and performance.

What to look for in a Brother vs Singer Sewing machine? 

Although we can draw some points to compare and equate Singer vs Brother sewing machines. Yet they are deemed to be individual in appearance, functions, and operation.

Here are the fundamental differences each brand has established over the years of their production.

Difference- Brother vs Singer sewing machines

Firstly, Singer sewing machines are mainly full sized, bulky sewing machines. Whereas we can encompass the Brother sewing machines as compact and lightweight models.

Secondly, Singer sewing machines are more skilled in a particular field whilst on the other end, Brother sewing machines are famous for their versatility. 

Thirdly, Singer sewing machines are generally expensive as compared to Brother sewing machines.

Lastly, the guarantees provided by both brands also differ. Singer offers 2 years guarantee in contrast Brother covers 3 years time span under its offered guarantee to users.

Final thoughts

Singer and Brother sewing machines are individually great brands, famous for their reliable products. Each model holds its own pros and cons which are seen through personal prisms focusing on skill level, requirements, and the money to spend. 

However, if you are new at sewing, Brother might be a better option for you. Whereas, Singer sewing machines are particularly useful for skilled sewists.

Anyhow, you would not need to worry about the performance of the machine if you choose to buy any of the two. Since both brands have been present in the international market for years. So just keep up with your hobby!