Here is the review of the best sewing scissors I have come across since stepping into the field of sewing.

The best sewing scissors are designed to make one of the most nerve wrecking things, i.e., the fabric cutting an effortless job. Not for once or twice but for years to come. So you have to be careful whilst choosing your most basic tool for sewing.

Instead of buying any other sewing scissors, you can not trust whether it can cut well or not. Buy one of the recommended best rated sewing scissors. And get the perfect edges instantly whatever fabric you choose to work with without making a mess.

Best scissors is not just a tool its a lot more than that. Simply your confident roots from it.

After observing a number of sewing scissors and comparing the performance and price for each I have prepared the list of best cutting scissors for sewing. So, from now on you can have just a single pair of sewing scissors in your sewing box to cut almost every material. Be it silk, denim, or leather. 

The best sewing scissors on the market in 2021 are;

What to look for in best quality sewing scissors

There might be anyone who does not have a pair of scissors around the house. You might even have a number of scissors for cutting fabric, plastic, or cardboard. But no matter what you are cutting you entail the best scissors to get the job done. 

And when it comes to sewing, a pair of scissors is quite crucial. They have to be rather sharp and the grip ought to be soft. Here is how to know which sewing scissors are the best?


The most fundamental thing to gauge the performance of a sewing scissors is the design of the handle. The handles become so important that sometimes the grip becomes the only criterion to decide on a pair of scissors.

Usually a soft, rubber handle is preferred viz-a-viz not rubber. The shape of the grip is also of importance. There are instances when you need to cut dense materials. There are some shapes which do not give you enough room to use the pair as required. Therefore, it is recommended to choose ergonomic handles with soft grip.


Secondly, the weight of sewing scissors for cutting fabric has to be light in particular. Heavy scissors are recommended for only pros and are not praised for regular utility. It is always better to have a lighter tool in hand when it comes to cutting in general.


The performance of the best pair of scissors is somewhat dependent on the blades it carries. The sharper the blades the better the cut. Moreover, the blades of sewing scissors are often shaped to increase the smooth edged cutting as well. Which not only increases the efficiency but also the practicality for the user. The better the quality of the blades the better quality the pair has.

Heavy duty

The most basic feature for a sewing scissors blade is the heavy duty construction. The best sewing scissors carry premium quality blades which are rust proof and are designed to hold on for years of use.


The sewing scissors are often razor sharp. Including all the best sewing scissors in the world. You pair also must be able to cut anything with ease, or just like butter like everybody refers to it.


The length of the blades is also integral to the scissors you want. The pairs with smaller blades are better for sewing scissors for beginners but if you can handle the big stroke in one attempt feel free to get the long blade sewing scissors. 

Moreover, different jobs also require different lengths for instance best sewing scissors for quilters carry long blades. Whereas the best scissors for general sewing hold small length blades. 7-10 inches is the typical length of sewing scissors for cutting fabric.

Best way to keep scissors sharp          

Most of the best sewing scissors ensure the blades are premium to retain sharpness. Which helps in protecting the blade’s sharpness for longer. Although if you have bought a best heavy duty pair you would not need to be worried about sharpening every now and then. Just keep the sewing scissors in a provided cover and protect its sharp blades.

Secondly, after every use, clean the blades with a wet cloth. After drying, apply some oil. It could be anything that can work as a lubricant. It can be a scissor oil or even a WD-40 spray.

Then put your pair in the cover or bag. 

If you intend to not use the sewing scissors for a long time. You can store the scissors using the same method.  When you need to clean the blades and start using the pair. Lubrication is the best way to keep scissors sharp and new over the years.

Scissors are the tool the seamstresses are known for. We all want to be at our best when carrying a pair of scissors to cut fabric. But not all scissors are created equal. Only some can give you the courage to cut through the fabric with ease.

Best overall: Gingher Dressmaker’s Shears

The Gingher Dressmaker’s Shears are the best sewing scissors ever. The pair is my best sewing scissors due to its perfect cut and heavy duty construction. These best sewing scissors are designed to ensure straight fabric cutting. Moreover, the knife edge can cut as many layers of fabric as you desire.

The sewing scissors are crafted from high end forged steel. The nickel chrome over blade is sharp to cut the fabric to the top in one attempt. Which is further provided with a sturdy double plated finish. 

The best sewing scissors carry a uniquely bent handle which helps in cutting by gripping the fabric whilst cutting. This ensures precision and durability for users. Which are the most sought after qualities for a best pair of scissors.               

Furthermore, the sewing scissors come with an iron sheath. So you can keep your pair safe when not in use. This will assure the sharpeners of the blades. All in all Gingher is the best quality sewing scissors.


  • Well made and sturdy
  • Sharp blades
  • Durable
  • All in one
  • Professional craftsmanship
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Might not appear lightweight. 

Best value: BIHRTC

The BIHRTC scissors are the best value in sewing shears due to the multipurpose quality. These best sewing scissors are for silk or even quilters. No matter the fabric you would not find any difference in its performance. Thus the BIHRTC are the best scissors for sewing and crafts of all kinds.

The quality sewing scissors are constructed from industrial grade high carbon steel. The blades are particularly sharp to cut through a number of materials according to rou need. They carry sharp, precise ground cutting tips. The blades are oiled to strengthen the blades efficiency when ordered. So you need to clean the sewing scissors prior to use.

Additionally, The side bent handles make sure you cut leather, vinyl, denim, or plastic with comfort. Thus providing you with an ergonomic handled best quality sewing scissors. All in all these best scissors for sewing and crafts are durable and sharp presenting a comfortable grip.


  • Heavy duty
  • Durable
  • Multipurpose
  • Pain less use
  • Sharp blades


  • Might not be light in weight     

Beast scissors: Kai

Kai is known as the best Japanese sewing scissors brand for years. I ended up including these best quality sewing scissors on my list due to their superior performance. These best industrial sewing scissors are not only suitable to cut every material but also carry a petite size. Thus, making kai the best brand of scissors for sewing.

The pair of scissors hold premium stainless steel blades. Which makes it suitable to use on fabrics like silk or denim, leather. You are promised to attain a perfect cutting each time with the sewing scissors.

The Kai best professional sewing scissors are designed particularly to furnish you with a delightful cutting experience. They carry premium material, which is extra carbon in steel. This Kai is our recommended best professional sewing scissors ever to cut fabric be it quilters, leather, or denim.


  • Superior construction
  • Light weight
  • Heavy duty
  • Stay sharp long
  • Work on all materials
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Fantastic performance

Best electric scissors: NICAPA 45mm Rotary Cutter

If you are a pro at cutting fabrics and looking for a swift pair of electric scissors. Then we recommend these NICAPA rotary cutters as the best electric sewing scissors in 2021. The electric scissors are our favored to provide a professional finish to your cuttings. It is furnished to cut silk, cotton, leather, synthetic fiber, and other fabrics with efficacy.

The electric scissors are designed to enhance the efficiency during sewing. The sharp blade holding a unique shape ensures your cut through all the layers of the fabric without blocking. The ergonomic design is also a distinct feature of these electric scissors. The body is rather small and light in weight so that you would not feel fatigued.

Additionally, the electric scissors function for both right and left handers. Which is also a sought after quality of the best sewing scissors. You just need to place the blades on your preferred side and use it accordingly.

Furthermore, the electric scissors come with 5 extra replacement blades. So you would not need to sharpen the blades for quite some time. Thus saving you the trouble of sharpening a typical pair of scissors. The best electric scissors focus on storage as well. You can simply lock the blades with a safety button and store it in a bag.   


  • Heavy duty 
  • Sharp and swift
  • No maintenance
  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Both for left and right hand use 
  • Easy to use
  • 5 replacement blades

Best sewing scissors for arthritis: LIVINGO

The LIVINGO Premium Tailor scissors are my best highly recommended sewing scissors for arthritis. The sewing scissors are designed smartly according to the peculiar requirements of arthritis patients. The ergonomic design ensures absolute control and comfort. Furthermore if you are a left handed person get yourself these best left handed sewing scissors.

Secondly, the best sewing scissors in the world are heavy duty. They hold 3 times denser stainless steel viz-a-viz regular scissors. The sharp blades give you smooth cut edges every time. The Livingo scissors are the best sewing scissors for silk cutting. As well as ideal pari to carry for quilters, tailoring, dressmaking, and many more.

The blades of these black and red scissors are also special, they are not only rust resistant but can avoid tape or any other material adhesion.


  • Heavy duty
  • Durable construction
  • Sharp blades
  • Light weight
  • Multi skilled
  • Rust proof

Best sewing scissors for small hands: Fiskars

If you are struggling to cut with regular sewing scissors because of your small hands. Do not worry, get these Fiskars best sewing scissors for small hands. The scissors are designed to provide you with a comfortable cutting tool.  

The highly recommended scissors carry a particularly soft grip and the blades are sharp. Which means you can cut almost everything including rubber foam. Additionally the Fiskars are the best sewing scissors for quilters.

Fiskars are also the best 5 inch sewing scissors.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Sharp
  • Light in weight

Best sewing scissors For large hands: Fabric Scissors

If you have large hands and are not comfortable cutting with those measly pairs. Then do not cut with the regular sewing scissors any more. Get these best professional fabric scissors which are ideal for you. H Hilting Gobos and Projectors have come up with the best sewing scissors for large hands.

These superior fabric shears are quite sharp and reliable. They are crafted from high carbon steel which can cut through multiple layers without sacrificing on the performance. Each layer will show the perfect cut irrespective of the number of the fabric.

The handles are particularly designed to fit fingers without pain. Moreover the rubber covering makes cutting painless. The most important feature is the covering on the blades. Which protects the fabric from getting scratched by accident. 

These best scissors can cut through cotton, leather, jeans or all sorts of materials with ease.


  • Heavy duty
  • Sharp
  • Protects fabric
  • Rubber grip
  • Come with seam ripper and measuring tape

Best sewing scissors for beginners: Westcott

My preferred Beginning sewing scissors to have is Westcott. These heavy duty titanium sewing scissors are easy to handle for newbies. The highly supportive handles ensure extreme control whilst cutting. Moreover the blades are not only sharp but are sturdy.

It can easily handle years of use without getting rusted. Due to its 8 times stronger manufacturing than steel. 

These best titanium sewing scissors are not only easy to use but also furnish you with a nice edged cutting. Be it fabric, plastic, or boxes. The design of these scissors also enhances its performance and comfort. The over mold handle adds additional grip whilst cutting.

Additionally one of the best sewing scissors in the world is recommended for cutting fabric but also favored for office usage. Thus Westcott is a highly recommended best sewing scissors for general sewing and all sorts of heavy duty application.


  • Carbo titanium scissors
  • Heavy duty
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable grip
  • All in one scissors


  • Not suitable for left hand use

Budget friendly: Mr. Pen- Fabric Scissors

Well if you are a little short at the budget and can not afford to carry the aforementioned brands. You can go for Mr.Pen Fabric Scissors. These are my suggested best inexpensive sewing scissors on the market.

These 8 inch all metal sewing scissors for tailors. You can cut a number of materials due to the sharp blades. The blades are stainless steel so the budget friendly pari is quite reliable.

All in all classic design and construction of Mr. Pen best inexpensive sewing scissors is heavy duty and reliable.


  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty
  • Handy
  • Reliable
  • Fantastic price


  • Grip might not appear soft

the closure

These best sewing scissors are designed for perfect cutting. The design of the blade and handle adds to the performance of the sewing scissors for fabric even more. The size of the blades is also crafted to cut long lines with ease. All in all the scissors carry all the qualities you would need in the best sewing scissors ever. 

No matter if you are a professional or not, a pair of scissors is always there in your drawer. Irrespective of the use, we all want the scissors to get the job done in one go. The best sewing scissors are meant to make fabric cutting an undemanding task. It can be the main tipping point when it comes to sewing for beginners. Therefore, you ought to get yourself the best scissors for sewing.