Here is the review of the best handheld sewing machines.

A handheld sewing machine is skillfully crafted to save you anywhere including those embarrassing moments when your clothes might burst and only a best handheld sewing machine can save the day.

The best handheld sewing machines can help you a lot where the regular sewing machine fails to help. For instance, you have invited some guests, whilst waiting for them by the window, you discover the unraveling stitching of the curtain. But damn, it’s too late you can not fix it. 

Or if a dress malfunction occurs whilst you are at work. Maybe during your road trip you would need to spruce things up.

You require a rapid solution to those hiccups, i.e. a handheld sewing machine. 

Knowing the significance of a handheld portable mini sewing machine in daily life. I have evaluated the following best handheld sewing machines based on their performance. To make reading and deciding more simple, I have further categorised the portable handheld sewing machines.

The 7 Best Handheld Sewing Machines on the market in 2022 are;

What to look for in a handheld sewing machine?

Nevertheless our recommended handheld sewing machines are the best. Yet if you want to get yourself a little room and choose to buy from somewhere else on your own. Here are some must haves for a handheld sewing machine, which ensures the performance of a mini sewing machine.  


The most fundamental quality in a handheld sewing machine is being a lightweight item. Since you are buying a handheld sewing machine, which means you would use it just like a pair of scissors. you have to keep it beside you may always be carrying it around in your bag as well. Therefore, look for an easily portable handheld sewing machine.


A best handheld sewing machine has to be smartly smartly designed. It has to bear such a shape and size that it fits your hand perfectly for increased grasp. 


How much you are ready to spend on a handheld machine is also crucial. You can get a handy mini portable sewing machine between $10-$20 easily. But there are also machines with the price tag of $30 or even more. But as with everything you get what you pay for. The more the moola, the better the machine.

Sewing supplies

You might want to judge a handheld sewing machine with the included supplies. There are many portable sewing machines which do not offer any supplies. Therefore, choose the handheld sewing machine which gives you some space and comes with some sewing supplies. You would need to kick off stitching. 


Like sewing supplies, a handheld sewing machine must carry a manual. Although you might not find the machine difficult to use in the beginning, yet you might get stuck somewhere. And would need a handheld sewing machine instruction manual to keep it working.

Fabric adaptability

How much fabric freedom a handheld portable sewing machine offers is also of importance. A handheld sewing machine must be able to work on a wide range of fabrics. Including denim, cotton, and silk. Moreover, the machine has to be able to sew fabric holding thickness of 1.8mm at most.


A handheld sewing machine has to be engineered to carry out sewing with accuracy. The machine has to sew precisely the first time. You might get fretful if even for straight sewing you would need to go over a sleeve again and again. The best handheld sewing machines are particularly designed to alleviate such problems.


Most of the handheld sewing machines work on batteries. But it is also not undesirable if your machine works with power supply as well. The batteries are also not included in most of the machines on the market. So might want to look for the right one for yourself.

How to use a handheld sewing machine?

Using a handheld sewing machine is quite easy if you read the instruction manual beforehand. Also keep in mind that the handheld sewing machines operate on a single thread. This type of sewing always entails a manual knot. 

Place the AA batteries into the machine. Be careful whilst installing. The positive and negative poles have to be connected properly to assure the electric machine function. If you do this with care you have reduced the probable hindrance in your way of sewing with a handheld sewing machine.

Secondly, once you commit sewing you might need to move the fabric yourself. The machine can work smoothly if you move the cloth in the opposite direction, i.e. clockwise with your hand. In this way you will be able to avoid thread jam. 

Thirdly, once the sewing is completed you have to knot the sewing you just completed. This will keep the stitches from unraveling. You can use a threader to tie the knot with ease. 

Knot can be applied following these steps;  

  1. Turn to the back side of the cloth
  2. Pull apart the last stitch
  3. Tug the last stitches from backside
  4. Then arrange it
  5. Create a twist on the thread
  6. Now tie the thread and tighten it

There are some human errors which can make the machine unable to sew. To avert such a situation, ensure that the handheld machine is in the locked position unless you install batteries, or plug in the power supply.

Another most recurrent problem is batteries. Avoid using different brands or used or new batteries together. Put in new batteries particularly the first time you use a handheld sewing machine.

Best overall: SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick

Whoever you ask about the best sewing machine, it would include Singer in the list. Since we all are Singer biases. This Singer 061663 handheld sewing machine is our second best suggested quick fix machine. The machine is cordless, and compact. It is lightweight, thus a portable handheld machine.

Although the machine can work on a wide range of fabrics it is recommended for light fabrics for best performance. This Singer handheld sewing machine stitches with a single thread feed. The product package included bobbins, needles, and thread spindle.

The only downside of this machine is its operation. You can find that using this machine is not that simple vis-a-vi many others on the market. You would need a singer handheld machine manual or read out some instructions. To carry out the stitching with this handheld Singer sewing machine.


  • Cordless
  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Pre Threaded
  • Ready to use design
  • Compatible for any fabric


  • Operation might not be easy

Best value: GODCRYSTAL Handheld Sewing Machine

The GODCRYSTAL is my recommended handheld sewing machine for best value. It is not only a portable mini sewing machine but is quite sturdy as well. The construction of the machine is high end making it a heavy duty handheld sewing machine. The material used in crafting of the machine is premium quality plastic.

This is the best handheld sewing machine due to another feature. The machine is noiseless. You can have a quite stitching time anywhere from this heavy duty handheld machine.

Moreover, the machine provides a rather perfect stitch due to its rotatory wheel adjustment. Furthermore, you can regulate the stretch in sewing with the tension control function.

The heavy duty handheld sewing machine is easy to use. When you feed the machine fabric for sewing, the fastening panel which grabs the fabric during the sewing process. It can sew almost every fabric ranging from silk, jeans, leather, denim, or even wool. 

Lastly, it is a portable sewing machine. Given its petite size, you can easily carry it in your bag. And get your problem solved in case of an emergency anywhere.


  • Heavy duty
  • Low noise
  • Portable 
  • High end sewing
  • Wide range of fabric flexibility    

Mini Beast: Varmax Mini Sewing Machine

The Varmax mini is included on my best handheld sewing machines’ list due to its compact design and superior performance. This modern high end mini sewing machine is engineered to be an elaborate design. This small sewing machine is the most you can get in the size it exhibits.

The portable sewing machine is equipped with an extension table. Which provides a useful assistance whilst sewing. Thus, making stitching easier even on comparatively larger work. Which might become demanding due to the size of the machine. The feature also helps in maintaining the stability of the machine system.

Moreover, the small portable sewing machine is provided with specific settings to stitch cuffs and sleeves. So the sewing on those crucial parts can be taken care of by your meticulous mini beast.

You can use stitch even in less lit conditions just in case. Due to its default light source. Moreover, the mini portable sewing machine functions on double threads. Which ensures stitch strength and would not entail user made knots at completion of the sewing.

Besides, the handheld machine can work at dual speed. You can set the speed at fast or slow according to your ease. All in all the Vermax mini machine carries a user friendly handheld design.


  • Particularly portable
  • Large extension table
  • Lamp provided
  • Carry winding pole and thread spindle
  • One year warranty


  • Does not come with a dust cover

Best for the money: GWOLFFY Handheld Sewing Machine

The sewing machine handheld by GWOLFFY is one of our recommended best handheld sewing machines. As the mini sewing machine is constructed from environment friendly materials.

Due to its lightweight and excellent performance it is the portable sewing machine you ought to carry on your travels. The portable handheld sewing machine is easy to use. Just align the fabric with the flat side and the handheld sewing machine will start sewing. 

Moreover, the heavy duty handheld sewing machine can work on almost every fabric. But you need to be careful of the thickness. 

The maximum sewing thickness suggested is 1.8mm. As long as you adhere to this key your handheld sewing machine can perform well.


  • Cordless handheld sewing machine
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Wide fabric adaptability
  • Superior cable needles


  • Battery not included

User friendly: JIEZEE Handheld Sewing Machine

Well if you are rasinong that a handheld machine has to be particularly handy. It must be designed to fit in hand. Then this product is for you. The handheld sewing machine by JIEZEE is not only lightweight. The construction is targeted to ensure the user’s absolute grip whilst sewing. The size also helps it to fit inside little space be it your bag or even in the drawer.

The electric handheld machine presents a reliable on the spot solution. Simply align the handheld machine mounting slab and turn the machine on with a simple button press. This small handheld sewing machine works on dual modes. Which means you can either use batteries or a power source supply for coded use.

You can use the small handheld machine for on the spot fixing of curtains, clothes, or even wallets. Moreover, the machine comes with some sewing supplies and is threaded already. In addition, the small handheld sewing machine comes with a money back guarantee.


  • Handy
  • Wide range of fabric
  • Ready to use
  • Two stitching modes
  • Money back guarantee


  • Batteries not included

Best design: CENGOY Handheld Sewing Machine

This handheld sewing machine by CENGOY became one of my favored items due to its dual power modes. It can function both with batteries and with cord. The design is quite lightweight and offers an easy operation. Even a child can use the machine following the instructions. Thus, this handheld sewing machine is particularly handy.

You just need to place the machine straight with its plain side. It will start moving automatically. Just keep moving in the required direction and your stitching is done. Like the previous one this best handheld machine is also low in noise.

Furthermore, the quality of stitching is a problem with handling machines. This problem is taken care of with the rotating wheel adjustment, and tension regulations features.

Although the machine is light in weight it is crafted from high quality materials. It can sew all kinds of fabrics. Therefore, it can be a reliable sewing tool for you if an accident happens. Moreover, the supplies with the best handheld sewing machines are quite numerous. You will get additional bobbins with thread, needle threader, extension spindle, fabric to exercise sewing, measuring tape, scissors, and the most significant thing; a user’s manual. 


  • Heavy duty construction 
  • Dual power mode
  • Low noise
  • Easy to use
  • Many supplies
  • Portable


  • The stitch might get loosened over time

Best supplies: Handy Stitch Handheld Sewing Machine

The Handy Stitch is my suggested handheld sewing machine due to its two unique features. The machine is made up of premium eco-friendly materials. So the machine is rather heavy duty for a handheld design. Making it, Handy Stitch, one of my highly recommended sturdy handheld sewing machines available as of now. 

Like all handheld sewing machines this one also functions on a single thread. Which means you need to knot the stitch yourself. The thickness of fabric is also the same for all handheld sewing machines. Although this heavy duty handheld sewing machine can sew up to three layers of cotton, silk, denim, wool, or even hard plastic. Anyhow, the thickness has to be watched in case of hard plastic sewing.

Lastly, the heavy duty handheld sewing machine comes with a lot of stitching supplies. Including users manual. And you can have a free of cost return and exchange within a year of purchase. If you are not happy with the sewing machine you can return or exchange, thus you can have your best of both worlds.


  • Easy to use
  • Fantastic stitching
  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Environment friendly construction
  • Offers 5 colors


  • Might not work on thick fabric

Let’s settle on a handheld sewing machine

Do not worry, be confident you are equipped for any incident. From now on you would not need to remove the curtain to get it fixed. Just take your handheld sewing machine out and hem it right away.

Although sewing machines having typical size are favored, yet these machines are neither light weight nor economical as compared to a handheld sewing machine. These machines are not portable as well. Hence it is unable to help you out always, and anywhere. Which means you necessitate a handheld portable sewing machine.

The aforementioned best handheld sewing machines are designed to assist you in all sorts of sudden accidents. Besides, if your huge sewing machine is unable to reach those tiny points you want to sew, get the help from the best singer handheld sewing machine. The machines are particularly easy to use. You might need to give a perusal to the singer’s handheld sewing machine manual more than once. And onwards this mini machine will be your bag’s native.

Nevertheless, handheld machines are integral in providing a quick fix. Keeping in view, the stitching might not stay for long under any circumstances. Since a handheld machine is just an emergency solution, it is not a permanent way despite the product you choose to carry along with you.

So after fixing it at work, you might need to get your shirt’s cuff stitched with a sewing or serger machine at home as well.