Here is the review of the best sewing machine for upholstery.

The best sewing machines for upholstery are mainly sturdier as compared to regular sewing machines. They are designed to handle thick fabrics like denim, canvas, and even leather smoothly.

Secondly, they are usually bigger in size and are generally heavier. Which is also befitting for their task. In other words, these best sewing machines are industrial grade not only in manufacturing and in operation as well.

Best sewing machine for upholstery is your most compelling aegis for having perfect furniture pieces each time.

Being in the field of sewing for quite some time now, I have encountered numerous sewing machines for upholstery. To help you out in choosing the most profitable bargain, I have come up with the list of best sewing machines for upholstery.

These best sewing machines are suitable for all sorts of furniture business be it a small scale shop or a big industrial grade set up.

Best sewing machines for upholstery

The following are the best sewing machines for upholstery so far.

Let’s dive into the listicle review!

Wait a minute, how about I share some tips with you on using sewing machines for upholstery.

How to use Sewing machine for upholstery?

Needle and thread size

Using the right sized needle and thread is the most crucial thing. Therefore, the foremost thing once you sit on a project is to check the size of the needle and thread. 

  • Needle and thread have to be comparable in size and chosen according to the type of fabric. For instance, for thick upholstery material use the upholstery weight thread with the needle having the size of 18/100 or 16/100. Whereas use heavy duty thread for denim or canvas fabrics coupling with the needle of size 90/14.
  • Whilst installing the needle you need to be meticulous of the structure. Make sure the flat tip of the needle is on the right side once inserted. Otherwise the machine will not stitch at all.

Sewing machine settings

  • Using some scraps of materials of the project to to pretest is always better. You can check your sewing machine settings and change the tensions accordingly. The most common setting is the upper thread tension adjustments for sewing thick fabrics with heavy duty thread. 
  • You can see how the machine performs for all the stitches you will be using in your project. Jot down the tension settings which works best for you with each stitch. 
  • Presser foot pressure is another pivot point. Increasing the presser foot pressure can assist the fabric in moving smoothly under the needle during operation. You can slowly increase the pressure and find the amount that works the best for you.
  • D type foot is an incredibly helpful feature together with dual feed. This enhances the capacity of the machine to move the thicker fabrics during stitching. Particularly for thicker fabrics it furnishes with an additional push form above whilst feed dogs are also in action.
  • Knee lifter or free hand system is also worth trying to enjoy some little bonus uplift for the presser foot.

Presser feet

You can not apply just any foot and hope that the sewing machine will do wonders on any fabric. Using the befitting presser foot for fabrics is also important. Following are the most commonly used presse feet for bulky upholstery fabrics:

  • Zipper foot 
  • Bulky overlock foot
  • Reverse pattern foot

Best overall: Sailrite Deluxe Fabricator Sewing Machine

The Sailrite sewing machine is probably one of the most reliable heavy duty sewing machines on the market. To cater to your upholstery projects, the brand presents the Sailrite Deluxe Fabricator Sewing Machine.

Holding a myriad of splendid functions, this is the best machine you could ever want particularly for sewing professional upholstery projects. All thanks to its superior construction and high end features.

Firstly, it is designed to make your process of sewing extra smooth and easy. No matter where you stand on the ladder of sewing experience. Its additional high foot uplift ensures that those thickest upholstery materials get fitted into the machine without your frowning. There is also a separate bobbin winder process, which makes working more simple.

Secondly, the operation of the machine is rather quiet when compared to most of the industrial grade sewing machines you would observe on the market. So if you want a noiseless machine in your set up, this product is definitely for you.

Not only this, the work field is quite spacious and well lit. Both these features are excellent add on for bigger projects. You can look up to the guides for steam allowance as well, which makes it suitable for sewing regular projects as well. 


  • High end noiseless experience
  • Industrial grade construction
  • Versatile performance
  • Advanced clutching system
  • Built in knee lift
  • Big rotary clip
  • Easy to use
  • Carries a plenty of accessories


  • Since it is an industrial scale full sized sewing machine, you would need to spend some time putting it together. 

Best value: Consew 206RB-5

My best value sewing machine for upholstery is Consew 206RB-5. The machine is particularly designed to cater to every sort of upholstery project. It can efficiently handle leather, vinyl, upholstery, synthetics, canvas and many other coated and laminated fabrics without any trouble.

Since the machine is deemed to stitch thickest of the materials, it holds a number of features which make it suitable for the job.

Initially, there are additionally large bobbins. The size of the stitch is also long from regular sewing machines.

Then, there are features like hook mechanism, safety grip, and control valve for effective lubrication. Furthermore, you can lock the stitch regulator once you commence operation to prevent any later change from the machine’s vibration.

You can also perform reverse stitching of the same size as forward stitching. Also, you can easily put in standard replacements if required unlike other sewing machines which require peculiar replacement parts.


  • Bigger stitch size
  • Extra high foot presser rise
  • Tread release finger
  • Compound feed
  • Efficient walking foot 
  • Push button feature for safety clutch
  • Stitch lock function
  • Table and motor are included


  • Since it is a giant sewing machine, noise and vibration might occur.

Best beast: Juki DDL-8700-H Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

This Juki DDL-8700-H is another great sewing machine to consider for upholstery. Although the machine requires some assembly to get it to work, once you are finished, you will be amazed by the quality of the stitching it maintains. 

Also all the industrial grade sewing machines entail assembly to some extent. So if you are interested in an industrial grade machine keep this thing in your mind.

It is a powerful machine which can carry out stitching at the Max sewing speed of 4,000 revolutions per minute. Moreover the machine is capable of automatic lubrication so that you would not be worried about finding those little holes to oil the machine.

Since it is a Juki sewing machine there is no reason for me to emphasize on thes sturdiness and reliability. It can carry out stitching for not only your upholstery projects but anything and everything with its 3 feed dogs. Such as multiple layers of leather.


  • Powerful electronic DC servo motor
  • Excellent performance
  • Max sewing speed 4,000 rpm
  •  Considerable lift of the presser foot
  • Full rotary hook lubrication
  • Carries additional accessories
  • Heavy duty table


  • The assembly is a real task but do not let it be a deal breaker.

Best design: Consew upholstery Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

Another machine best for sewing upholstery is the Consew upholstery Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine. Since it is a dedicated upholstery industrial model, it is sure to complete all the tasks you throw at it with a professional finish.

Moreover, the speed of operation for the machine is up to 3000 stitches per minute. Which means you have got a work horse beside you. However, the speed can be influenced by the thread you are using as well as the material for the project.

It offers a rather big work space and the features like self lubrication makes the operation extra easy.

In addition, the operation is also simple all owing to its easy to thread manufacturing. The reverse stitch is also easy to carry out. Also the experience of filling bobbins is as simple as pie. So beginners do not feel overwhelmed.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Extra high presser foot
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • 3000 stitches per minute
  • Simple to change pressure of the presser foot
  • knee lift
  • Side placement for bobbins
  • Self lubricating system
  • Comes with table


  • Assembly might appear troublesome.

Best for the money: Barracuda 200ZW

If you want to buy the Sailrite sewing machine, but the hefty price doesn’t allow you to. You can consider this Barracuda 200ZW. Although the machine costs a lot less but it is the best budget friendly sewing machine for upholstery.

The only difference is of those whistles and bells which makes the experiences on the prior one quite smooth and professional. Whilst with the later one you might need to put in additional effort to get it work.

The machine can easily handle multiple layers of materials for upholstery. Just let the speed reducer do its job and your hardest upholstery project is completed.

Besides, you can simply use the reverse lever to carry out the reverse stitching function.

Although the speed of the machine is 800 stitches in one minute yet you can achieve a lot considering its perfect seams. 


  • Extra high foot
  • 800 stitches per minute
  • Automatic speed controller
  • Reverse stitching with a lever
  • Adjustable stitch width
  • Metal construction
  • Walking foot machine


  • This machine performs the best with a heavy durvie wheel. Without it you would feel the machine is under powered. So you would end up investing in that as well.
  • Another latent issue is the stitch size adjustment. You might need some time to get a grasp of the settings and if you feel like it just mark the machine with the settings you prefer. 
  • Oiling is manual.

The closure

The best sewing machines for upholstery are designed adroitly. They are sturdier and are designed to perform well on thickest of the fabrics without messing a single stitch. You just need to ensure that your settings, needle, thread, and presser foot are all in tune.

Sewing machines for upholstery are typically used for businesses in addition with sergers. And their quantity varies with the scale of businesses. Small size home businesses can do well with singular machines whilst bigger places require as many machines as they can fit in.