Here is the review of the best sewing machines for beginners.

The best sewing machine for beginners has to be simple enough to make the process of learning easy. And somewhat advanced to keep up with the synchronous sewing styles and options. Whilst furnishing you with a premium construction overall.

As a beginner you can be intimidated by the learning curve of sewing. You definitely would not fancy a sewing machine which instead of bringing you confidence is merely a huge heap of obscurity. 

The best sewing machines for beginners are mainly “effortless”.

Knowing the significance of your budding love for sewing, I have compiled the list of best sewing machines for beginners based on ease of operation and value of each sewing machine. So that you can learn how fun sewing can be!

The best sewing machines for beginners on the market in 2022 are;

What to look for in a beginner sewing machine?

It becomes quite tricky to shop for the best sewing machine for beginners. Given when numerous sewing machines on the market are claiming to be easy to use. But how to evaluate a sewing machine for beginners just by its features. Here is what you need to consider in best sewing machines for beginners;


The best sewing machine for beginners has to be fast but not that much. Since you are to learn sewing on the machine you would be better off with a sewing machine which offers adjustable speed for sewing. So that once you are comfortable you can sew at a fast pace as well.


Although, most sewing machines nowadays are designed to be light in weight. Yet it is a significant factor. Especially if you intend to take your sewing machine with you. Or considering the less space a small space friendly sewing machine is always preferable.

Operation and set up

The sewing machines for beginners have to be simple to use. The time spent on preparing the machine for sewing has to be short. You might have already seen beginners fussing over the time a particular machine needs to thread. Therefore, get yourself an easy to thread or self threading sewing machine if probable. 

Sewing tips for beginners

The sewing machines are not created to function all in one role. Each sewing machine has its own superior qualities. However, if you want your best sewing machine for beginners to perform heavy duty sewing, here is what you need to follow;

  1. Switch to the longest stretch stitch seize
  2. Install all purpose foot or the foot typically designed for heavy duty sewing
  3. Fit the needle according to your fabric
  4. Do not go at a fast pace. Rather sew with moderate speed for best results.

gThe following are the best sewing machines for beginners compared. The sewing machines are further categorised to help you in choosing the right sewing machine without any doubt.

Best overall: SINGER Start 1304

My suggested best mini sewing machine for beginners is SINGER Start 1304. The machine is particularly engineered to assist beginners. All the features of the sewing machine are basic yet unique.

First f all, as a beginner at sewing, you might need a portable small sewing machine. Which you can take to your classes or anywhere else. This best singer 1304 is quite lightweight and simple to carry from one place to another.

The best singer sewing machine for beginners is easy to use and operate. It presents 57 various stitch options. Each stitch type is built in size, i.e, the width and length. You only need to choose the stitch and the easy to use sewing machine can select the size on its own.

The machine holds heavy duty overall construction. The heavy duty metal frame proves quite helpful in making it a strong and sturdy everyday sewing machine. 

Another latent issue for beginners is bobbin winding. The machine helps you in this problem as well. For filling the bobbin the machine holds integrated guides. By following the instructions and just a push of a button the machine fills the bobbin itself.

Moreover, the best sewing machines carry other helpful features for beginners as well. Firstly, the machine exhibits automatic reverse stitching and easy buttonhole operation. Secondly, It is easy to thread due to the available guides on the machine.

Lastly, the Adjustable tension feature helps in tuning the thread tension according to the fabric. Thus it is my recommended best Singer sewing machine for beginners so far. 


  • Mechanical 
  • Basic sewing machine
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • 6 built in stitches
  • Free arm design
  • LED light
  • Includes accessories
  • Fantastic price
  • 25 year limited guarantee

Best value: Brother CS5055 Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines are my personal favorites, and if you also have this affinity then this entry is for you. My all time favorite best computerized sewing machine for beginners is Brother CS5055 Computerized Sewing Machine. The machine is computerized yet the operation and functions are easy to learn for beginners and experienced alike. 

The sewing machine offers a plethora of built in stitches. It is designed to sew 60 distinct stitches. Including basic, heirloom, buttonholes and decorative.

Another superior feature of the best brother sewing machine for beginners is its automatic up to date needle threader. The drop down bobbin function is also admirable. Both these functions not only make the set up simple but also adds onto the efficiency of the sewing machine. By alleviating the risks of machine malfunction.

The best brother computerised sewing machine for beginners in 2022 holds increased work area viz-a-viz regular sewing machines and a heavy duty premium metal frame. Thus providing for the most needed space and strength whilst working on any kind of project. 

To provide for precision the brother CS5055 best small sewing machine offers a secured needle bar. This produces finer and straight lined stitches every time. Also the feed is observed whilst you are working on thick fabrics for a professional experience. 

It also functions as a free arm sewing machine for sewing cylindrical items like sleeves. Just detach the accessory box and sew the cuffs with ease. Therefore, it is my highly recommended best value beginner sewing machine for an unfailing high quality stitching. 


  • LCD display
  • Computerised 
  • 60 built in stitches
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Drop down bobbin
  • LED lit work space
  • Additional work area
  • Includes accessories

BEGINNERS beast: Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine 

Next on the list is the Janome HD3000 heavy duty sewing machine. It is suggested as the best Janome sewing machine for beginners on the market. It is mainly owing to its high end premium construction making it compatible for heavy duty stitching as well as enhancing its sturdiness..

The heavy duty sewing machine for beginners holds metal gears. Whereas most of the synchronous sewing machines work on nylon gears. Which makes it a reliable sewing machine for all sorts of projects for many years to come.

The sewing machine offers 18 built in stitches and one step buttonholes. The mechanical sewing machine also carries an automatic needle threader. Its presser foot is also quite incredible.

Furthermore, the machine is compatible for upholstery and stitch through multiple layers of denim without messing up anything.

The easy to use janome sewing machine works with thread tension and foot presser adjustments. So that you can tune the machine according to your requirements and material. The bobbin winding is also automatic. 

Lastly, this janome sewing machine presents a free arm design with a well lit work space. To avoid unravelling of stitches, there is a reverse lever. Which  makes the reverse stitching a breeze.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Mechanical
  • Basic 
  • 18 built in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Adjustable presser foot and thread tension
  • Free arm
  • Well lit work area
  • Reverse lever
  • Simple to operate


  • Might not be suitable for users looking for many extra additional features.

Best for the money: Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

My best budget friendly sewing machine for beginners is Brother XM2701. The small sewing machine offers a variety of basic, decorative, zigzag, blind hem, and  auto size buttonholes. The brother sewing machine is useful for both newbies and advanced sewists due to its straightforward advanced features.

The sewing machine holds a total of 27 built in stitches. An automatic needle threading system and drop in top bobbin. All these features help in installing the machine specially for beginners.

The best inexpensive sewing machine is furnished with free arm operation. The LED light provides for well lit sewing all the time. 

You can use this best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners to hem multiple layers of denim and sew curtains without missing a single stitch. Certainly, after learning sewing.


  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • 27 built in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Drop in top bobbin
  • Free arm operation
  • 25 year limited guarantee

Best design: Janome Sewist 780DC

My second best easy to use computerized sewing machine for beginners is Janome Sewist 780DC. It is the most time saving sewing machine you could ever have. The machine is designed to produce impeccable stitching be it beginners or pros. 

First of all, one of the best sewing machines, the Janome Sewist, carries a whole lot of 80 different stitches. Out of which 20 stitches can be chosen directly whilst for the remaining set of stitches reach the stitch chart and get your desired type to work with.

Once you choose the stitch, the LCD screen displays the stitch kind. The computerised sewing machine would provide you with the stitch size and the right foot. You can also alter the default suggestions according to your preferences just in case.

The best computerised Janome sewing machine presents a special automatic thread cutter feature. This feature is not found generally in machines for beginners. However, it is a rather pleasant function for any machine to offer.

Moreover, there are other automatic features of the machine like, automatic needle threader, simple to use bobbin system including bobbin winder function. The sewing machine can slo function without the foot presser thus is suitable for beginners who can not work on regular foot controllers.

With the superior feed proces we recommend the Janome Sewist 780DC with an extension table for all sorts of sewing. Be it making clothes, garments, working on handicrafts, home decor items, or even free motion quilting and seam finishing.  


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Metal gears
  • Computerised
  • LCD stitch display
  • Automatic needle threader and thread trimming
  • Push button bobbin winder
  • Simple to use
  • All in one
  • Comes with a cover case
  • Free arm design

User friendly: Janome Pink Sorbet

The best basic sewing machine for beginners is this Janome Pink Sorbet. The machine carries a somewhat enticing appearance. Which makes it the best sewing machine for young beginners in particular. 

The sewing machine holds a high end metal frame manufacturing. It offers 15 built in stitches with 4 step buttonholes.

The heavy duty full sized sewing machine’ bobbin system is front loaded unlike our aforementioned drop down bobbin sewing machines. However the machine holds a bobbin diagram to guide you in placing the bobbin for sewing the right way. 

The best sewing machine for beginners by Janome also holds an adjustable stitch size. You can sew zigzag stitches of the widt you require. Moreover, the reverse stitch can be used by a simple reverse lever.

The sewing machine presents a detachable free arm. The adjustable thread tension and Its 3 feed dog system makes it suitable for hemming pants, sewing crafts, fashion sewing, or quilting.


  • Enticing designed exterior
  • Full sized
  • 15 built in stitches
  • Front loaded bobbin
  • Storage compartment
  • Includes accessories
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Adjustable thread tension and size
  • Free arm feature
  • Simple yet professional

Best portable: NEX Portable Sewing Machine

The best small machine for beginners is NEX Portable Sewing Machine. The mini sewing machine is uniquely engineered whilst checking all boxes for a beginner’s needs. It is the best portable sewing machine for young beginners in particular. For people who need a mini sewing machine to take anywhere. 

Unlike many other mini sewing machines, the best mini portable sewing machine has a foot pedal with dual speed operation. You can choose the slow pace on the onset of learning. The machine works both with power supply and batteries. 

Although the mini sewing machine for beginners is a basic machine, it holds 12 sets of stitches by default. Which gives young beginners enough liberty to mix and match.

This is the best sewing machine for DIYs or any other staple home sewing. It is easy to set up with measuring tape and thread tension controller and trimmer. In addition, the best sewing machine for beginners under $100 enables you to stitch forward and reverse stitching.

The handle atop the small sewing machine makes it an easy to carry portable everyday sewing machine for basic stitching. You can also consider a handheld sewing machine to carry out quick fixes.


  • Simple to use
  • Basic 
  • Portable
  • 12 built in stitches
  • Dual speed
  • Foot control
  • Reverse stitch function
  • Terrific price  


  • Might not hold up for long

The closure

Only one word that can describe the best sewing machine for beginners is “effortless”.

The best sewing machine for beginners has to be simple to use and operate. Because with its basic functions, you would not find overwhelmed whilst learning sewing. 

If you are afraid that you might end up buying a complex or unreliable sewing machine, then get yourself best sewing machine for your specific needs. You can check out the best cheap sewing machines as well.