This is the review of the best serger with coverstitch machines in 2021.

The best serger with coverstitch can help you get the proper finishing on necklines with professional hems.

The serger with coverstitch is designed to carry out dual operation without messing a single stitch. Thus, it is a super space saver and perfect combo option for home businesses.

As a passionate sewist I am quite curious about the new additions into the field of sewing. And combo machines are one of those. So I have spent some hours researching the best serger with coverstitch machines.

And I have found out that there is absolutely one thing you can do to achieve those perfect necklines at home. Consider buying the Bernette b48 Funlock Serger Coverstitch Machine. It is the best serger with cover stitch on the market as of now.

The best serger with coverstitch is a great space friendly combo machine.

All combo serger machines with coverstitch are not similar in features. So, I have further categorised the serger brands to help you pick up the best brand.

Our best serger with coverstitch machines

The best sergers with coverstitch available on the market in 2021 are: 

Before jumping onto the best serger with coverstitch reviews I would like to share with you some handy tips on serging and hemming.

Serger with coverstitch: Tips and tricks

How to remove the garment? 

Sewists are often caught in the trouble when they could not figure out the right way to pull out the clothing item from the machine after hemming. It mainly happens when you are doing something wrong. The threads fold over the looper during sewing. You can rotate the knobs to release the looper but if it is not working try this method.

 So here is the right way to remove fabric from the machine?

  1. Once you have completed the hem, unlatch the looper door and untie the looper.
  2. Raise the presser foot.
  3. Unfasten the thread tensions by pressing with your fingers.
  4. Take out the garment without any push or pull be gentle.
  5. Press the looper close.
  6. Now cut the threads.

How to sew ultimate necklines, armholes, and hems?

Creating necklines might be tricky particularly on stretch fabrics. Here is what you can do?

  1. You can use the basting thread to make the crease. Simply fold over the stitched line of the thread. This will automatically create a perfect hem on the garment.
  2. Whilst you are sewing, drag the basting thread along. 
  3. In this way you can have the necessary tension to retain excellently aligned fold throughout. 

Best overall: Bernette b48 Funlock Serger Coverstitch Machine

The best serger with coverstitch is Bernette b48 Funlock Serger Coverstitch Machine. It is a professionally designed combo machine for serging and hemming without missing a single stitch.

The experience on the serger machine is also premium or I would say industrial. The clean lines with bright LED for sewing stitching. 

The best combo machine offers 23 stitches in total. Which includes15 overlock stitches, 3 cover stitches, 4 combo stitches, and 1 chain stitch.

Also you can alter the size of the overlock and coverstitch upto 10mm. Which gives you quite a variety to create different corners according to the fabric or garment feel.

This combo machine also carries color coded threading guides. And to help you further in threading, there is a manual needle threading feature. Whereas the lower and chain looper works on automatic threading.

Moreover, the cutting knife is placed in an efficient position. Which can be adjusted with just one hand. It works from below which widely decreases mishandling of the blades.

The differential feed is particularly useful for working on stretchy materials. You can make even professional bathing suits. The overcasting stitches are helpful in making strong edges and seams on thick fabrics as well.

Thus all in all Bernette b48 Funlock Serger Coverstitch Machine is the best serger with coverstitch so far.


  • Premium look
  • Combo machine
  • High end experience
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • Efficacious blade
  • Offers differential feed
  • LED lit work are
  • Color code guides
  • Fantastic price 


  • The machine needs a physical conversion to carry out either funcion.
  • Manual might not hold some trivial details for beginners.

Best heavy duty: Brother Coverstitch Serger, 2340CV

Our recommended best cover stitch serger is Brother Coverstitch Serger, 2340CV. It is a singularly designed, advanced, and fully assigned cover stitch serger. It is mainly favored due to its sturdy build.

This best cover stitch serger is made from a heavy duty metal frame. Moreover its internal parts are also of metal.

The machine offers a two needle 2,3, and 4 thread operation. With its unique design and construction you will be able to create impressive designs with ease. Since the threading is simple all thanks to the color coded threading guides.

Moreover the serger is designed keeping in mind user’s comfort. Its fast thread looper system coupling with lay in threading makes it an all time favorite. So the necklines are no more problem with this brother coverstitch serger. On the contrary from now on the finest necklines of your projects will be your signature.

The coverstitch serger offers a high quality performance for tri-cover stitch, wide and narrow cover stitches. With its cover stitch capacity of 3 millimeter to 6 millimeter, it is ideal for thicker materials as well.

All in all this best cover stitch machine is featured for creating perfect T Shirts,  durable strapping for garments such as dance outfits and swimsuits. You can also create decorative finishes with the chain stitch finish for hems or belt loops.


  • Reliable
  • 2 needle
  • 2,3, and 4 thread
  • Advanced serger with cover stitch
  • Professional performance
  • Easy to set up
  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • Offers differential feed
  • Cover stitch capability of 3 millimeter to 6 millimeter
  • Offers chain stitch finish
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • Accessories included


  • It does not carry a free arm feature
  • Not a serger machine
  • Does not include an auto tension release feature

Best operation: Baby Lock BLCS-2

This Baby Lock BLCS-2 is the best recommended serger with coverstitch. The machine offers 2-3-4 thread operation with highly professional performance.

The most prominent feature is its large cutting knife. Which enhances the results of the projects no matter how many layers of heavy duty fabric you are dealing with.

The serger with coverstitch carries rather up to date operations which furnishes you with perfect stitching in every coverstitch mode. For instance, the fabric hold up structure maintains the stitching whilst the unique built in thread carrying system directs the thread tension according to your fabric. So that you can work without any pressure.

Moreover, the features like one touch jet threading and enclosed tubular looper structure, makes it an all time favorite user friendly serger with coverstitch. Since the prior makes threading a breeze and saves a lot of user’s time to set up the machine. 

Whilst the later feature ensures that the operation runs smoothly without any glitches related to the threading system. Be it snags or any other hindrance.

Additionally the machine offers fabric safety features as well. Such as erect needle placement and the chain off quality in the coverstitch function.

Also the serger with cover stitch presents a differential feed feature as well. Thus make it suitable for all sorts of various projects.


  • Advanced engineering
  • High end performance
  • Differential feed feature
  • 2-3-4 thread
  • Enclosed tubular looper
  • One touch jet threading
  • Bigger cutting blade
  • Simple to set up
  • Chain off cover stitch feature
  • Automatic thread tension
  • Unique fabric holding feature


  • The area provided to the right side of the right hand needle might appear congested. Thus the impression of a lesser overall workspace.  

Best value: Singer Professional 5 14T968DC

The best value serger with coverstitch is Singer Professional 5 14T968DC. It is not only one of our top rated machines but is also frequently regarded as the best professional serger with coverstitch on the market available. 

It is mainly due to its variety of stitching with perfect stitching in every style. Including different covsersitihces like a triple needle stitch, a double chain stitch, and wide and narrow stitches.

Secondly, the machine offers 2-3-4-5 thread operation to cater to the needs of users. To make the set up easier, the machine provides color coded threading. Also the differential feed and built in thread tension functions ensure ease of operation no matter if the user is experienced or a beginner.

Furthermore, this comno serger machine carries adjustable stitch size. Which means you can make the stitch big or small according to the requirement of the project you are serging.

Not only this the singer pro 5 is designed to give you a quiet premium serging experience.

With its heavy duty construction and versatile coverstitch range the serger is indubitably a reliable choice.


  • 2-3-4-5 thread operation
  • Offers varied coverstitch functions
  • Adjustable cutting width
  • Built in thread tension control
  • Adjustable stitch size
  • Heavy duty metal frame
  • Color coded threading
  • Quiet operation


  • The manual threading might take time as compared to automatic threading
  • Some interior parts of serger are of plastic

Best self threading: Baby Lock Ovation

The best self threading serger with cover stitch is none other than the Baby Lock Ovation. The premium serger offers 1-2-3 needle operation with narrow and wide coverstitch capability.

It can efficiently sew upto 1500 stitches in one minute without messing up the quality.

Given the automatic threading function, and the built in thread distribution system, the serger machine is easy to set up. 

The thread tension is controlled by the machine whilst performing serging but once the machine is switched to coverstitch, the thread tension needs to be maintained manually.

The machine offers a well lit workspace by 6 LED lights. As compared to many other sergers with coverstitch this one presents a rather spacious workfield of 5 inch gap between right hand needle and housing. 


  • 1-2-3 needle serger
  • Narrow and wide coverstitch capacity
  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • Wide workspace
  • 6 LED lights to lit working area
  • Self threading feature
  • Thread distribution feature
  • Smooth and even stitching


  • Since the serger with coverstitch does not carry an instructional DVD, operation might be difficult for beginners.
  • You might find the machine shaking when operated at high speed.

Best for home business : Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger & Cover Hem Machine

The best serger with coverstitch for home business is the Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger & Cover Hem Machine. This is our recommended best serger with coverstitch for home as well. Due to its single action feature. Sewing, cutting, and finishing all can happen in minutes with this juki thread serger sewing machine.

The machine with cover stitch holds a color coded threading feature with roll up. The automatic looper threader makes threading a breeze. Moreover, the stitch size, i.e. the length and width of the stitch, is adjustable. 

Also the fabric feed is also variable. Simply set the amount of feed you entail for each fabric whilst working on projects.. 

Besides, this best serger machine with coverstitch by juki holds knife tuning as well. With the automatic rolled hemming you can create even hems on double layered thick denim easily.

The presser foot is quite uniquely designed. It is integrated to perform various functions. You can hem the denim jeans, and coverstitch on knits. And all can happen in a noiseless process. Therefore, it is recommended as the best sewing serger machine for home businesses. 


  • Strong and fast
  • Quiet operation
  • 1500 stitches in one minute
  • Chain Stitch feature
  • Multi skilled foot controller
  • Built in light
  • Serger includes accessories


  • Manual might appear tricky.
  • Threading may require practice.
  • You might find switching in between different stitching modes onerous

Best portable: Consew 14TU2345 Portable “Coverlock” Machine

In case you are looking for a portable serger with coverstitch then this entry is what is engineered for you. Weighing only at 15 pounds, the Consew 14TU2345 coverlock machine is a true combo portable machine.

The machine offers 2-3-4-5 thread function and the performance is not lacking at all. The quality of stitching is also similar to that of full size sergers with coverstitch. 

Besides, the mini serger with coverstitch offers a thorough fabric operation. 

Moreover the needle guard ensures that the machine runs smoothly on all fabrics. You can sew anything ranging from thi fabric like silk to somewhat heavy and thick materials like tweeds to woolen garments.

Lastly, with this portable serger with coverstitch you can adjust the differential feed. So is the sittich size.


  • Basic portable serger
  • 1 coverstitch operation
  • 2-3-4-5 thread function
  • Retractable upper knife blade
  • Distinct overlock stitching styles
  • Adjustable stitch size
  • Differential feed capable
  • Needle guard


  • Since the machine offers primary functions some users might find it restricting.
  • You would need a tool to attach or detach various parts to change the form of function. 

Our finding

In case you are feeling overwhelmed, let me help you in deciding the right serger with coverstitch for you.

The best serger with coverstitch is Bernette b48 Funlock Serger Coverstitch Machine. Although, it is not a ludicrously high priced machine but the user’s experience is sure high end.

With its noiseless operation and a myriad of useful features, it is the most sought after machine you can add to your sewing room. Since, it is a combo machine it will not take much space.

Not only this, the finish it provides is extremely professional. With it chins stitch and premium decorative stitching functions, the necklines and designing stitching are no more an issue.

coverstitching vs serging 

The covertsihing mahicnes are preferred in that they bring about the professional look to the projects within no time. Coverstitch is a widely performed function of a serger machine but might not be everyone’s favorite. But we do realize that for some fabrics it is essential to furnish a final complete look. 

After giving a perusal to the aforementioned best sergers with coverstitch you might be able to observe that these machines would not cost you more than regular sergers but are definitely more valuable in performance.

However, the variety in serger with coverstitch machines is not that much. But are a super space saver for home businesses. Whilst on the other hand most of the industrial businesses favor dedicated best serger machines rather than investing in combos.