This is my review on the best serger for beginners available on the market. 

The best sergers for beginners are not only simple to operate but are highly efficient in performance as well.

The sergers are meant to stitch together two pieces of fabrics efficiently. Whilst furnishing the raw ends of the fabric with impeccably smooth edges. This is the most basic function of a serger. Keeping in view the number of features offered, these machines can help you accomplish significantly more. In addition, not all serger machines are created equal thus not every serger is recommended for beginners.

After researching for several hours I discovered that the Brother 1034D is the best serger for beginners.

Try hemming t-shirts with the best serger for beginners.

Every serger is designed differently and with a little bit of variation in capabilities. Nevertheless each machine holds a learning curve. Some might feel more at ease with brother serger machines whilst for others singer sergers are more simple to operate. But overall, these best sergers for beginners carry a rather small curve. Keeping this in focus, I have included the reviews of the best serger for beginners based on different categories.

Let’s dig in!

Our best serger for beginners

After comparing sergers for ease of use for different functions I have lined up the following best sergers for beginners in 2021:

But before reviewing the best serger for beginners machines how about going through some cardinal information on segers.

Here is what you can learn in the article:

How to use a Best serger for beginners?

I am equally joyous for you on getting your first serger. Now it’s time to learn how the machine works. Particularly if you are a beginner follow the steps mentioned below and learn how to use a serger.

Step 1: Learn the parts

The most basic step is to learn different parts of the serger machine. You can get help from the manual provided with the machine. Take your time in learning. It is better to move forward after knowing everything rather than coming back to step 1 always.

Step 2: Thread the serger

Follow the instructions inscribed on the serger machine to thread it. When you need to rethread the serger machine you can simply attach the end of the new thread to the previous one.

Step 3: Kicking off the operation

After threading it’s time to start with the serger sewing operation. You can use the serger machine for different types of stitches; such as sewing, making corners, and designing curves. You are always better off to begin with scrap fabrics rather than struggling with the main fabric.

Serger tips for beginners

  • Sergers machines are somewhat different from a regular sewing machine. To get a hand you might need to exercise on scrap fabrics. You can also take help from some books available for sergers. Besides in the beginning, choose to work with slow speed and gradually get skilled.
  • Once you learn how to use a serger machine you can use it to create a lot of sewing projects. To get perfect seams and use it for those stretchy fabrics as well requires practice.
  • If you are keeping a serger machine, you must figure out a process to maintain it as well. As maintenance is directly linked with the performance of the best serger machines. You might need to clean the serger holistically after every project.
  • Another important part to check is the cutting knife. It has to be sharp to give you a perfect output each time.

Serger projects for beginners

You can work on creating corners, altering lengths of pants, and curves for handicrafts. 

What to look for in a best serger for beginners?

Here are some common factors which influence the operations and performance of a serger machine;


While buying a serger machine, the most significant feature is the speed. In the beginning you need to work slowly but as soon as you get the grip, the speed of a serger machine can affect the efficiency of your work. The most recurrent serger machines speed is 1300 stitches per minute. Although there are others which can perform up to 1500 stitches as well.


The construction and sharpness of the blade is also crucial. It has to be sharp enough to furnish the fabric with perfect finishes for both thick and thin materials.


Sometimes threading a serger gets tricky. Particularly, if your serger is not provided with any guides you will need quite a time to thread it. Although most of the sergers on the market carry threading guidelines by default. There are also machines which are self threading.


The best type of serger for beginners is the one with durable construction. Since you are in the learning phase you might not gauge the importance of the heavy duty frame.

But, once you are working on high speed for instance 1300 stitches per minute, a heavy duty frame provides for stability whilst stitching.

Now its time to compare the best sergers for beginners and help you choose the one designed for you.

Best overall : Brother 1034D Serger

The best serger for beginners I have found is Brother 1034D Serger. The serger has every quality a beginner would seek. The brother serger machines usually hold high quality durable construction. Likewise this serger has premium frame. Whereas the inner parts are crafted from heavy duty metal.

Although, it allows you to stitch up to 1300 stitches per minute, but the speed control helps to run the machine at your preferred pace. Once you have got the idea, you can work on many projects within hours.

This best serger for beginners is the easiest serger on the market. It is easy to thread. It is provided with separate guides for upper and lower threading. The upper thread directory is color coded and the lower looper threading feature. The learning curve is also small. Thus, providing you with an easy to use serger.

Moreover, the machine is designed to perform a wide range of stitching. Be it 4 thread overlock, 3 thread over lock, narrow or rolled hem. You can set the feed with the dial showing the range from 0.7-2.0 according to the project. You can easily select the width of the stitch. Another incredible user friendly feature of the machine is that it is simple to clean.

Most of the serger machines fail to work on sleeves. But with this brother, serger machine sleeves will not be a problem. Just remove the free arm and get the job done. It can also work well for knits and other sheer fabrics. It is ideal for projects like t-shirts, baby bed spreads, kitchen towels, and curtains.

Knowing all the demands for a beginner, the machine can do a lot yet keeping it easy and simple to work on. All in all, the brother serger is the best for beginners. But before, doing anything just oil the serger. Since it does not come pre oiled.


  • High quality
  • Adjustable knife and foot pressure feature
  • 1300 stitches
  • Well lit workspace
  • Accessories included
  • Space friendly
  • Simple to operate
  • Fantastic price


  • Might not be suitable for heavy duty projects.
  • Nevertheless, threading guides help in threading the serger yet it requires manual threading, which necessitates some time and experience.

Best output: JUKI MO654DE

This is another serger you can consider. The JUKI MO654DE is my second best recommended serger for beginners. It is not only easy to use but the out put is amazing. The seam finishing is highly professional bringing a perfect look to your projects.

This best serger machine functions on 2-3-4 thread overlock racing up to 1500 stitches per minute. Also the automatic rolled hem ensures the professional outcome each time you are hemming jeans or denim.

Furthermore, the machine offers different stitch sizes up to 4mm with differential feed. Additionally, threading is also easier. Just follow the color chart guides on the machine and the serger is threaded. Furthermore, with the feed tune control you can regulate the amount of feed according to the fabric subject.  

Anyhow, once you have learned how the machine functions you will be able to work on many projects within a blink of an eye.


  • Highly professional finish
  • Compatible for denim fabrics
  • Portable
  • 2-3-4 thread serger
  • Extremely responsive presser foot
  • Adjustable stitch size
  • Different thread guides
  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • Easy to thread with color coded threaded guides
  • Simple to use


  • The serger does not carry a trash trapper.
  • Might not work easily on knits and thicker materials.

Best value: SINGER | ProFinish 14CG754 

My best value serger for beginners is SINGER ProFinish. This is also one of the best singer sergers on the market. And like all singer products this one will not disappoint you at all. It is simple to operate yet the project output is always highly executive.

Nonetheless, It is easy to learn viz-a-viz other singer serger machines.

The machine is not lacking in terms of features. It carries a myriad of performance functions to assist beginners in completing their simple projects. With this machine you can work on baby blankets, t-shirts, towels, and diapers as well.

Also this serger can sew up to 1300 stitches in a minute. It offers automatic fabric trimming as well. Thus, efficient enough that you would not lag behind. 

Furthermore, this singer serger machine offers customized options like stitch size adjustment for your different projects. The 4 integrated rolled hems are sure to help you in the hemming projects. Moreover, it presents 2-3-4 thread operations. Which furnishes you with versatile serger stitches.

The singer serger for beginners is designed to be a portable model. With a light weight body and easy to carry handle, you can move around holding the machine without worrying. 

Above all, you do not need to be worried about threading, the singer machine has got you covered. It has color coded lay in threading. 


  • Detachable free arm
  • Adjustable tension and feed
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • LED light
  • User friendly presser foot
  • Can operate on different stitch length and width
  • Portable design
  • Accessories included
  • 25 year limited guarantee


  • You would need to spend some time acquainting yourself with the serger before using it.

Beginner beast: Brother Serger, DZ1234

The best serger with professional performance and durable construction yet easy to learn is Brother Serger, DZ1234. The serger is quite capable of managing all your projects once you have learned how to use a seger, with ease. It provides you a wide range of stitch adjustment options.

The dial shows 3.00mm-7.00mm stitch size. So that you can select the one you desire. 

The brother serger machine for beginners is engineered from premium quality materials. The 3-4 thread serger carries a durable metal frame. In addition, it is super fast and apt enough to stitch upto 1300 stitches in one minute.

Furthermore the machine is easy to operate. The manual is also provided for users guidance. It is designed to be an easy to thread serger. You can find the color coded thread pattern on the serger machine. The upper and lower thread lopers are also numbered properly to increase the ease of operation.

The best brother serger is capable of carrying out several projects like altering denim jeans or sewing garments.


  • High performance
  • Easy to learn
  • Adjustable stitch size
  • Well lit work field
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • Accessories included
  • Built in storage 

Best for business: Brother ST4031HD Serger

It’s time to handle some real heavy duty projects with a serger. Are you worried since you are a beginner? Do not fret! Just get yourself the Brother ST4031HD Serger. It can easily tackle heavy duty fabrics be it multiple layers of denim or knits. Yet it can work on lighter fabrics without any troubles.

This serger is our favorite for beginners due to its heavy duty design. It does not only hold metal exterior but premium quality metal interior as well. It presents a high quality industrial grade blade made from carbon steel. Which can furnish your projects with smooth edges no matter how many layers are in question.

Like aforementioned serger machines, this brother serger also can stitch 1300 stitches in a minute. If that is too fast for you, you can directly choose the right speed which works for you with the foot controller. Additionally, it offers you to choose the stitch size, feed balance, and color guides for threading.

This one of the best sergers is able to perform 3-4 thread stitching with efficacy. You can employ 3 thread sergers for garments and dresses whereas 4-thread sergers are ideal for heavy duty fabric like denim. It is also the best Brother serger for stretchy fabrics.


  • Industrial grade construction 
  • 3-4 thread serger machine
  • Heavy duty performance
  • Detachable trim collector
  • LED light
  • Free arm
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with an extension table
  • Metal thread stand included
  • Carries accessories box 


  • Being a serger machine for beginners it does not perform better than a typical serger.

Best heavy duty: Singer | X5004HD

The Singer X5004HD serger machine is our recommended heavy duty serger with the best cutting knife for beginners. Its blade is 60times bigger viz-a-viz a regular serger knife. Which makes it compatible for your heavy duty projects.

The singer serger machine offers an adjustable thread tension which ensures you to customise the serger machine settings according to your requirements.

The heavy duty singer serger for beginners carries 2-3-4 thread features. Thus, getting your every project work, be it blind or rolled hems, finishing edges, or stitching seams completed like a breeze.

Other heavy duty features include simple, fast threading and a highly lit work field. The construction of this singer serger machine is also heavy duty. It carries a premium quality metal frame thus furnishing you with a durable strong serger machine.


  • Built in rolled hem plate
  • Heavy duty engineering
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • Dual LED lights
  • Simple threading
  • Tunable thread tension


  • Does not carry an instruction manual

User friendly: Juki 1-Needle, 3-Thread Overlock Machine MO-623

Our praised user-friendly best serger for beginners in 2021 is Juki MO-623. The fastest Juki serger machine can stitch up to 1500 stitches per minute. It carries a number of other features as well to make it our last but not the least suggested serger machine. 

The Juki best serger machine is easy to use. It can create impeccable finished sportswear, tee shirts, or dresses, home decor items, or crafts.

The juki overlock machine is indubitably a reliable product with high quality manufacturing. Which makes it a quieter serger as compared to many others offered.

Besides, you can easily adjust the size of the stitch according to your project. It is designed to perform 3 and 2 thread rolled hem.

Thus, it is also a highly recommended professional serger with an incredible speed and impressive output. Even if you are not a beginner and looking for a quick serger for serging up items at home just go for this one.


  • Easy to thread
  • Simple to operate
  • Well built
  • Smooth and quiet function
  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • Releasable knife cutting feature
  • Not expensive


  • Like all the entries this one is also a basic serger machine.


Best serger machines for beginners need to be simple to use yet able to carry out a variety of functions. It does not have to be a big budget machine but easy to set up. If you can not learn how to operate a serger then what is the use of having a fancy machine.

But it does not mean high priced machines are not worth it. They are absolutely efficient in terms of professional seam finishing and high quality experience. For instance self threading sergers. They not only make the set up a breeze but are premium quality efficient machines.

So, as a beginner you need a serger machine which is not only simple to thread and easy to learn on. If you are unable to decide on the type of serger you want as a beginner. Let me help you out. The Brother 1034D Serger is a high rated all time favorite best serger machine for beginners.

Moreover, it is a durable serger. Which means if you are getting this serger machine, it is gonna stay with you for quite a long time.