Here is the review of the Baby Lock serger machines.

The best Baby Lock sergers are constructed to bring about the most efficient and user friendly serging process ever. They are mainly lightweight which is at the heart of creating a portable serger.

The babylock serger is amongst the highly advanced machines out there. Furnishing its users with a self threading serger with no need of knobs to adjust tensions. Therefore, the overall operation of Babylock serger is efficacious both in time consumption and application.

With Baby lock serger every project is a breeze.

Babylock serger machines like all other brands keep presenting new models to keep up with 

your needs. Each new serger is the step towards a more capable machine. But which babylock serger is designed for your needs? 

To assist you in choosing the perfect one, I have further categorised the list.

So let’s dive in!

Our best Baby Lock serger

Best overall: Baby Lock Acclaim

Best value: Baby Lock Accolade

Best for home business: Baby Lock Triumph

Best for beginners: Baby Lock Celebrate

Best for the money: Baby Lock Vibrant 

Let’s get some troubleshooting tips before leaping towards the reviews .

Baby Lock serger troubleshooting

As broached earlier, Baby Lock serger are one of a kind machines. Nevertheless these premium sergers can sometimes start messing. And even a little snag can cost you a lot. So like any other machine these fantastic seger do need troubleshooting sometimes.

If your babylock serger has any problem. Here is what you can do?

  • Rethread the serger

Rethreading serger is by far the most general way of solving any problem. Whenever your Baby Lock serger gets stuck in the middle, rethreading might get you out of trouble.

  • Check pressure

Another most common reason is unsuitable pressure on the presser foot. Attempt readjusting it.

  • Change the thread and needle

The quality of thread and needle is another important factor for the performance of a serger. Make sure you employ high quality threads on the baby lock serger. Change it with a new one once you feel it is getting worn out. 

It is also better to keep your thread collection up to date. Do not use old threads because they do get affected by sunlight and moisture. 

  • Clean the serger

As sergers are more prone to lint accumulation viz-a-viz sewing machines so they need more maintenance. If your Babylock serger is messing it might be due to this. Clean the bobbin and tension connections with a brush. 

Try to get the serger serviced as well if you use it more often. Do not forget to oil it at the end of each project or before beginning a new one. 

There are instances when the Baby Lock serger gets jammed out of nowhere, starts skipping stitches, breaking thread continuously or just making a weird babbling. You can attempt the following easy quick fixes instead of visiting a fix-it shop.

Jammed serger

Jamming is one of the most common issues concerning the serger machines users. You might also come across a jammed machine whilst operating a Baby lock serger. It mainly happens when the fabric gets stuck between the needle and needle plate. Which thwarts the machine hence a huge trouble.


To get back on track you can try the following;

Step 1: Remove the fabric

Once you have gotten over the fret remove the fabric you were serging. Gently pull the material and raise it a little to cut the threads. This will release the fabric from the machine.

Step 2: Remove the tangle

To get rid of the tangled thread remove the bobbin. Detach the throat plate and any other part you feel needs to be cleaned.

How to avoid a jammed serger machine?

Jamming does not happen out of nowhere, the serger is already showing some signs but you can’t read them. One of those signs is the bent needle. Whenever you feel that the needle is not erect anymore, it’s time to change the needle to avoid any latent malfunction.

Skipped stitches

Baby Lock serger can start skipping stitches during function. This issue can arise when the needle and the fabric are not corresponding. Or you were forcing the material into the serger instead of letting it feed the fabric.


The solution is simple: just check if the needle is according to the thickness of the fabric.

Right needle for the fabric

Check if the needle you have employed is the right one for the project you are serging. 

  • The smaller the needle number, the finer the needle and inversely.
  • Place a fine needle for thin, lightweight materials and relatively thicker needles are for heavy duty projects.
  • Sharp needles are perfect for woven fabrics.
  • For stretch fabrics and knits place 90/11 ball point needles.
  • For heavy duty materials like denim 90/14 needle
Right needle for the right job

Here are the right needles for common functions;

  • For embroidery insert needle 75/11.
  • For hemming jeans use needle 90/14.
How to avoid skipped stitching?

Ideal needle is consequential to the performance of a Baby Lock serger. So change the needle according to the new project. You also need to place a new needle when it is bent.

Such a needle can not give rise to skipped stitches. But it can also result in injury if the needle breaks while you are working. 

Thread breaking

Thread breaking does not always occur due to the serger’s fault. If your Baby Lock serger is breaking the thread, check the threads you are using. Low quality or old threads are not suggested for sewing in that even if the serger keeps working on it the worth of the project you are creating will be reduced, nonetheless.


Except the quality of thread, there are a couple of other issues as well. Here is what you can do if;

  • The pool which is crafted to connect the ends of thread might have a notch. You can alter the direction in which the thread is taking in from the pool.
  • The needle you have just placed might hold a cut which is causing the thread to break.
How to avoid thread breaking?

It is suggested to always use a thread having 20 or more weight. Clean the bobbin area and tension disks rings meticulously. As lint and dust could be the potential reason behind this. You can also check the path the thread follows to look for any sort of scrap and get rid of it from time to time. 


As mentioned earlier, there are some indications when the Baby Lock serger is not fit to run the job. And you need to stop right away. Babbling or noisy operation is another one of those signs. 

However the serger does make some noise while stitching but it is an unusual sound which is rather perceivable. This mainly happens when you forget to oil the machine before kicking off the work or skip the regula serger cleaning.

How to avoid noisy operations?

Keep following the maintenance plan you have once devised. Also keep in view the instruction manual for oiling and detailed cleaning. 

Since every new model holds advanced features, you need to go through the instruction manual and obey it accordingly. The most key information on Baby Lock troubleshooting lies in there.

Babylock Serger reviews

Best value: Baby Lock Acclaim

The Baby Lock Acclaim serger is our the best recommended Baby Lock serger on the market. Carrying a whole lot of impressive features, it is sure to capture your attention. 

Working with the advanced Baby Lock technology, the serger can speed upto 1500 stitches in one minute.

Moreover, the features like a considerable workspace, push button threading, and fully equipped differential feed, this serger is amongst the most coveted machines. With the wave stitch feature you can create wonderful projects without messing a single stitch. The serger cna work well on thin fabrics and double layers of thick materials as well. So it is suitable for garments, and t-shirts. 


  • Durable 
  • Well built 
  • Professionally designed
  • 1500 stitches capable in one minute
  • Push button threading
  • Quiet operation
  • 3 LED lit 
  • 2-3-4 thread compatible
  • Adjustable stitch size
  • Carries accessories
  • 25-year limited warranty


  • The price is not economical. But considering its functions, the Baby Lock serger is worth investing in.

Best value: Baby Lock Accolade

The Baby Lock serger Accolade is our best value serger for sewists. The serger carries high end operation to furnish your project with more professional finishing.

It holds the ExtraordinAir Threading Systemâ„¢ which automatically threads the needles and the lower looper at the same time. Thus saves you a lot of time and effort.

Compatible for each and every material, this serger is deemed to add the missing touch to your projects with its superior wave stitch. 

The serger carries a variety of other stitch options as well. Among those, coverstitch with a chain off feature, 3-thread narrow flatlock stitch, ladder stitch, and blanket stitch are worth mentioning. 

All in all, running at the speed of 1500 stitches per minute, it is a great serger for both heavy duty and thin materials.


  • Self threading serger
  • Well manufactured
  • Premium funcion
  • 6-7-8 threads operation
  • 3 LED lit workspace
  • Creative wave stitch 
  • Single Tension dial 
  • Automatic chain off feature
  • Accessories added
  • 25-year limited warranty


  • This Baby Lock serger model might not be suitable for beginners.
  • Since the serger offers a lot of high end features, its price tag is high.

Best for home business: Baby Lock Triumph

In case you are in search of the best serger for your home business setup then this is it. The Baby Lock Triumph is the real deal. With a huge 5 inch work space you can easily work on bigger projects.

Considering the bigger workspace, the serger holds 6 brilliant LED lights which efficiently light up the whole area.

In addition, the serger offers the self threading function. You just need to push a button to thread the needles and press another dedicated one to thread the looper. They both work on the patented Revolutionair threading.

Furthermore, to cater to the needs of businesses, the serger has a special Baby Lock cutting system. Which results in sharp and smooth edges no matter how thick the material is.

Then there is the  fabric support feature. With this feature the machine ensures that the stitches are similar and flat at every speed, and fabric you are working on.

Besides, the vertical needle penetration feature ensures that the fabric remains undamaged during serging. Which is a crucial thing for professional sewists.

Not only this, the serger carries Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch options to provide the sewists with unmatched creative liberty. Lastly, there is an automatic rolled hem function as well. This saves you some more time to invest in designing the projects. 


  • Sturdy built
  • Precise function
  • Largest and well illuminated workspace
  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • 8-7-6 thread function
  • Offering 87 stitch combinations
  • Built in accessory storage
  • Exclusive Wave Stitch and Reverse Wave Stitch
  • Automatic thread delivery
  • Vertical needle penetration
  • Adjustable speed
  • Differential feed
  • Accessories enclosed
  • 25-year limited guarantee


  • Given the universal excellent abilities of the serger, it is priced correspondingly.
  • Not a serger designed for beginners.

Best for beginners: Baby Lock celebrate

Our best Baby Lock serger for beginners is Baby Lock Celebrate. The machines offer modern functions yet it is not difficult to operate, thus ideal for beginners.

Firstly, it operates on jet air threading. You only need to press the lever and the loopers are threaded. To thread the needles there is also a lever.

Secondly, it carries an incredible Micromaitc tension feature. Which enables you to serge without worrying about adjusting the tension or checking for thread entwining. These two are most recurrent things beginners mind whilst working on a serger.

Thirdly, there is a fully equipped differential feed funcion. The serger holds Baby Lock signature feed dog mechanism which ensures uniform fabric feed during stitching.

Lastly, the fabric support system is another big assistance this machine offers for beginners. To make it suitable for heavy duty usage, there is an adjustable presser foot height and premium cutting system blades, so that you can serger up multiple layers.


  • Well built
  • Reliable construction
  • 2-3-4 Thread stitching
  • 1500 Stitches per minute
  • Looper drive feature
  • Vertical needle penetration
  • Differential feed feature
  • Heavy duty cutting system
  • Less noisy
  • Comes with accessories


  • The machine is neither too complex nor too basic. But an intermediate serger with some manual and some automatic features.
  • Not a fully advanced Baby Lock serger machine.

Best for the money: Baby Lock Vibrant 

If you are short at budget but intending to buy a Baby Lock serger machine, consider this model. The Baby Lock Vibrant is the most budget friendly serger out there at the moment.

It carries 2-3-4 thread operations. You can also carry out rolled hem, narrow hem, picot stitches, blinhem, and flatlock stitches. There is a particular stitch setting to work on super stretch fabrics as well.

Although, the serger presents manual threading. Yet it is one of the easiest sergers to thread. With the color coded threading guides you can easily thread the machine.

The features like lay in thread tensions, differential feed, and push lever knife, you can bring about highly professional steam finishes at home. All in all it offers all the basic serging options you would need.


  • 2-3-4 thread compatible
  • Basic serger
  • Noise less running
  • A variety of stitch options
  • Differential feed feature
  • Trim trap included
  • LED lit work area
  • Electronic foot controller
  • Exhibits seam guide
  • Simple to use
  • Fantastic price
  • Accessories included
  • 25-year limited warranty


  • Manual threading 
  • Not an advanced serger machine

The company

Tacoy corporation holds Baby Lock in the U.S.A. The company carries all the rights to merchandise these serger machines. Thus you can not get a Baby Lock serger from just anyone but only an authorised franchise is the right place.

The Baby Lock sergers were initially designed by Juki company but are now produced by Suzuki in Japan.

Our verdict

The Baby Lock sergers are one of the most reliable machines for sewists. The brand holds a unique reputation and respect for more than 50 years. The best Baby Lock serger machines are featured for thriller highly advanced time saving functions.

Amongst the Baby Lock serger models our recommended best machine is Baby Lock Acclaim. Driving at the speed of 1500 stitches and offering a whole bunch of patented advanced Baby Lock features, this sturdy serger is a complete package for users.