This is the comparison of the best serger machines you should be considering in 2021.

A best sergers can efficiently perform a wide range of functions. Furnishing your each project with notable perfection irrespective of the materials involved.

More often than not the sergers on the market seem similar in appearance. But in operation and functions, the machines do vary. And to achieve a professional level seam finishing you need to pick the right serger machine for you.

After observing the user’s experience, and evaluating the performance viz-a-viz value, I have come up with the list of best sergers to share with you. These best sergers are compatible for both light and heavy duty fabrics.

Among those machines, I have found the Brother 1034D Serger is the best serger overall. It is a dual function serger machine which is compatible for coverstitch as well.

Best serger can help you with knits and stretchy fabrics quickly.

Even between light and heavy duty fabrics there is a myriad of variety. For instance silk, chiffon, leather, denim, and whatnot. Also, some sergers are better suited for home usage whilst others perform efficiently at high speed. So I have added reviews of the best brands for every category of serger application for sewists.

Let’s dive in!

Our best serger machines 

Before getting into the details lets learn some tips on serger mahcines which can make the process more efficient.

Tips on serging

Here are some tips you can apply to get the best professional results from your serger:

  • The performance of the serger machine is quite dependent on the type of needle you have installed. For heavy duty fabrics change the needle which you were using for light materials.
  • Sometimes textured thread proves helpful for cover stitch with common serger cones.
  • In case you have already bought a serger machine and worried about the multiple layers. You might need to invest in a wooden block and a tiny rubber hammer. Every time when you are worried about the thickness of multiple layers. Place the material on the wooden block, and strongly smack the fabric with the hammer till it’s compressed.
  • For general use, 4 threads application is suitable for durable overlock seam on woven fabrics. Whereas 3 threads are recommended for overlock sewing on knits and suits.
  • If the serger is breaking needle you need to check if the needle is twisted or simply worn. Look over if it was placed properly. Also double check the needles threading.
  • It is always recommended to use good quality serger thread on machines.
  • In case the serger loops off the edge of the fabric, you would need to know if the differential feed is on. If it is not required to be on turn it off. Secondly, try to tighten or loosen up the upper and lower looper thread. Thirdly, needle thread might be at fault here. Attempt to screw up or ease up the upper and lower needle thread. Lastly, check up the upper and lower looper tension settings.
  • Set the cutting blade width at the right setting.
  • Before kicking off, always take a look at the threading. Ensure that it is properly threaded and the threads are placed in the tension disks.
  • If you need to tread the serger set it at “threading mode”.
  • Do not forget to put the presser foot down when sewing. Otherwise the tension would be off or the thread will start building up below.

Best overall: Brother 1034D Serger

The Brother 1034D Serger is my best pick. It is mainly due to its simple to use functions yet professional output. With the speed of 1300 stitches per minute the serger can sew more so that you can design more projects.

Additionally, the serger holds a rather heavy duty construction. Starting from the inner parts to the frame all are made from metal. So the machine would not mind some extra work and pressure viz-a-viz other sergers.

There are separate guides for upper and lower looper threading which proves quite helpful when to comes to threading the serger. Thus making it one of the easiest to thread serger sewing machine on the market.

Besides, you can use the wide range of built in creative stitches to produce lovely corners for your projects. It also carries the free arm function which enables you to actively stitch sleeves and any cylindrical project for that matter.


  • Premium metal construction
  • Adjustable knife and foot pressure feature
  • 1300 stitches
  • Well lit workspace
  • Accessories included
  • Space friendly
  • Simple to operate
  • Fantastic price


  • The serger might not perform optimum against multiple layers of heavy duty materials.

best coverstitch: Brother Coverstitch Serger, 2340CV

The best coverstitch serger on the market is Brother 2340CV serger. It carries many modern features to furnish you with an extremely professional experience every time. You can work on projects including stretch fabrics with ease. Moreover, it enables you to carry out cover stitch, decorative stitching, and chain sewing on thick fabrics with perfection. 

This best coverstitch serger is quite heavy duty. It is made up of a high quality metal frame and interior. With the speed of 1100 stitches per minute you can do more hemming than ever.

To cater to your various requirements the brother serger is integrated to perform double needle, 2-3-4 coverstitch operation. Furthermore, the machine gives you a number of advanced functions like coverstitch size tuning, tri cover stitching, and simple thread loopers. It also exhibits color coded guides with lay in thread features. Thus making it easy to set up serger machine.

Also, the brother serger machine operates on differential feed. You can choose the amount of feed according to the fabric. For instance, the feed for a t-shirt and cushion would be different. 

Furthermore, the machine can carry out the perfect decorative top stitch. With the help of this feature you can finish exceptional t-shirts, leggings, garments, dance or swimsuits, or even belt loops. Therefore, it is the best coverstitch serger machine for you to buy in 2021.


  • Advanced serger
  • Durable
  • High performance
  • Multi functional
  • Easy to use
  • 1100 stitches per minute
  • Differential feed
  • 3mm and 6mm cover stitch
  • Compatible for chain stitch
  • Accessories included


  • There is a learning curve. So the brother’s best machine might not be ideal for beginners.

Best portable: JUKI MO654DE 

You might be looking for a serger machine which holds a rather compact design. So that you can easily take it from one place to another. Yet not lacking in performance. Then this entry is for you. The best portable thread serger sewing machine is JUKI MO654DE. It carries high quality performance with 1500 stitches in one minute.

The serger machine holds ultra modern capabilities like auto lock. Which means that until the sewing cover is open the machine will not function. In addition, it is a 2-3-4 thread serger with built in rolled hem.

You can simply work on heavy and light fabrics without worrying about its capabilities. The maximum stitch size of the machine is 4mm. You can adjust the size effortlessly with the tuning control. It also offers differential feed to correspond to various materials.

The machine comes pre threaded. Although the threading mechanism might take some of your precious time, otherwise the machine is built to perform. It is also a space friendly, smartly designed, highly professional serger.

The juki best serger machine is suitable for denim, towels, or even lighter fabrics like silk. 


  • Portable
  • Fast speed
  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • Easy adjustment controllers
  • Auto lock feature
  • Accessories included


  • Threading might be cumbersome
  • No trim trap box

Best value: Juki MO-1000 Serger

My recommended best value serger machine is Juki MO-1000 Serger. It is an automatic needle thread serger. It can be regarded as a serger beast in a true sense of the word. Thus, my favored serger sewing machine for years.

The best serger machine adheres to the up to date precision. It holds the incredible air threading feature for ease of threading. Furthermore, you can thread the serger with an automatic needle threader too.

The most distinct feature of the machine is the differential feed adjustment liberty. You can not only tune the feed before sewing but can adjust the fabric feed whilst stitching as well.

Secondly, the best self threading serger machine is designed particularly to furnish your designs with highly professional curves. Due to the precise distance between the knife and needle. 

Moreover, the serger gives you an increased work field. Therefore, you are more comfortable sewing on the serger machine irrespective of the fabric.

In addition, the machine is engineered to carry out less noisy operations. The work area is also well lit with LED light. Also the thread conversion is simple, you just need to turn the converter to left or right for interconversion between 2-3 threads. 

This Juki MO 1000 is particularly the best serger for knits. It is recommended for stitching and creating curves on stretchable fabrics like knits and georgette. Besides, all kinds of light and heavy duty fabrics are also great to work on.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Automatic needle threading
  • High quality operation
  • Fast speed
  • Trim collester is provided
  • Jet air threader
  • Comes with numerous accessories
  • Simple to operate
  • 5 year guarantee

Best for Home: SINGER | Stylist 14SH764 Serger

My favored home serger sewing machine is SINGER Stylist 14SH764. It is amongst our best serger machines due to its heavy duty metal frame design. So in case you are in search of a heavy duty, which ca be used for decades sort of serger machine, this one is crafted for you. 

The best singer serger on the market has 2-3-4 thread operations. It offers adjustable stitch size and differential feed. Which helps you to stitch a variety of projects with ease yet furnishes an impeccable finish.

The singer’s best serger for home use offers the free arm function as well. This function is quite helpful for sewing narrow fabrics like cuffs and sleeves. Furthermore, it is integrated to present 4 rolled hemming. An easy to reach knob can change the needle placement for rolled hemming on projects. Thus, the rolled hem is quite easy to carry out.

The machine is capable of performing 1300 stitches with an automatic trimming feature. Threading is also taken care of it carries a color coded threading guide.

All in all the singer stylist is the best singer serger machine for home. You can create beautiful finishes on home decor items. Baby blankets, shirts or towels, and a lot more.


  • Durable construction
  • Portable handle design
  • 2-3-4 thread serger
  • Free arm operation
  • 1300 stitches in one minute
  • LED light
  • Accessories included
  • Comes with sewing machine roller bag
  • 25 year guarantee


  • Beginners might need sometime to learn before operating.

Best self threading: Baby Lock Accolade

Sewists often look for self threading sergers given the ease of threading. But Baby Lock Accolade self threading serger is not recommended just for automatic threading function. I am so in love with this serger due to its wide line up of creative stitch options.

Furnishing the users with 87 distinct stich choices, this serger is a considerable choice particularly for those sewists who are always struggling to add some extra signature thing to there projects. This machine is there to put an end to your struggles.

Additionally, the serger can efficiently handle multiple layers of heavy duty fabrics. Lifting to the maximum height of 6mm, the foot presser can hem denim or jeans without a single flaw in stitching.

Also, the serger presents tubular loopers which makes rethreading a breeze. You can easily serge up bigger and thick fabric projects, thanks to its superior blade cutting system and fabric support system.


  • Simple push button looper threading
  • 8-7-6 thread serging
  • No tension adjustments
  • Tubular looper
  • 3 LED lights
  • Differential feed feature
  • Heavy duty multiple layers serging compatible 
  • Well lit work space
  • Premium quality construction
  • Automatic rolled hem
  • Simple to set up
  • Huge variety of stitching combinations
  • Chain, cover tension disks


  • If you are a beginner, you might need to consider the learning curve

Best Industrial: SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger

My all time suggestes, best industrial serger is SINGER Professional 14T968DC. It is due to the serger sewing machine’s versatile features. It can perform 2-3-4-5 thread serger sewing operations. Which means you can carry out all sorts of heavy duty projects with perfect results.

The professional finish features various styles of stitching. Be it sewing seams, hems, decorative corners, rolled hems, and cover hems. However, this is not the limit, you can perform a plethora of other stitches as well. A lot of creative stitch choices and materials combinations are achievable with this industrial grade serger.

The serger machine can perform 1300 stitches in one minute. It can stitch a seam, seam finish, and trims excess all synchronously. Furthermore, the machine offers various stitch sizes by changing the length and width of stitches. 

Moreover, it works on automatic thread tension. Which makes it ideal for professional serging since you can not afford to spend time in adjusting the thread tension each time the material is changed.

And the most amazing thing is that the serger machine would not cost you hours to set up. With the provided color coded guides, you can thread the serger easily. It is one of the simplest serger machines to install and operate available at the moment.

The industrial serger is capable of home decor, handicrafts, garments, t-shirts, and many more.


  • Professional serger
  • 2-3-4-5 thread
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable thread tension
  • 14 built in stitches
  • 4 built in rolled hems
  • Trim collector offered
  • 25 year limited guarantee


  • Threading might take some time since it offers manual threading.
  • The interior of the machine is of plastic. 

Best for home business: Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger

My preferred best serger machine for multiple skills is Juki MO-735 Serger. It is the best designed serger machine for home as well. In that it carries a single action feature: sewing, cutting, and finishing all can happen in minute with this juki thread serger sewing machine.

This serger machine can bring off cover stitch also. With the color coded threading feature and the automatic looper threader, threading the machine is a breeze.

Moreover, the stitch size, i.e. the length and width of the stitch is adjustable. Fabric feed is also variable. Simply set the amount of feed you entail for each fabric. 

The best Juki serger machine with coverstitch holds knife tuning as well. With the automatic rolled hemming you can create even hems on double layered thick denim easily.

Besides, the presser foot is quite uniquely designed. It is integrated to perform various functions. This best sewing serger machine is recommended for home business which involves heavy duty usage as well.

You can hem the denim jeans, and coverstitch on knits and get the corners of garments serged professionally.


  • Strong and fast
  • Quiet operation
  • 1500 stitches in one minute
  • Chain Stitch feature
  • Multi skilled foot controller
  • Built in light
  • Serger includes accessories


  • Manual might appear tricky.
  • Threading may require practice.
  • Switching in between various sewing modes would take sometime.

Best budget: Brother ST4031HD Serger

Who would not want the best serger machine with high quality functions without breaking the bank. If you are among those, our next suggested serger is for you. The Brother ST4031HD serger machine is widely favored for premium performance in a low budget.

With the brother serger machine you can take any projects. For instance, several layers of denim, or knits are not demanding at all. It is also made up of heavy duty materials. The body and inner parts are made up of metal. Additionally, the blade has high quality carbon steel that can create smooth edges for multiple layers with precision.

This best serger for every budget is 3-4 thread serger. It can hit up to 1300 stitches in one minute without missing a single one. With the high speed performance, a heavy duty frame is indispensable. In addition, it offers a wide extension table to help stitching big projects. By levelling the fabric for better performance which in turn results in less pulling on the needle.

Additionally, it is also one of the best brother sergers for beginners. The speed foot controller is simple to use. Just the amount of pressure can alter the speed of the serger machine. Secondly, there are color coded guides which can help threading the machine.

In terms of performance, the best budget serger machine is suitable for denim and heavy duty materials.


  • Tough and strong
  • Heavy duty
  • Fantastic price
  • 1300 stitches per minute
  • High quality blades
  • Simple to thread
  • Easy to use
  • Accessories included
  • Wide extension table
  • Color coded guide


  • Can not perform decorative stitching 

Let’s settle on a serger sewing machine

Feeling overwhelmed? Just relax.

In case you are confused in choosing the best serger machine to buy, then get yourself Brother 1034D Serger .

You will definitely be better off with a serger machine which can perform cover stitch and decorative stitching. This will absolutlely enhance your creative abilities when it comes to hemming. Secondly, it will not only save you space but some moola also. Thirdly, the machine is quite heavy duty and is one of the machines that are engineered to perform for years to come. 

However, selecting the best serger is totally dependent upon individual inclination. How much you need the machine, and how much you can spare for it. You can also compare the sergers for extra functions and accessories included with the serger. Or simply go for a self threading serger.