Why do professional sewists hold a fleet of best machines to carry out designing and stitching? Because for a professional finished project, it takes more than just a sewing machine. You even might not be able to tell the importance of different machines as a novice. In that you find all of them similar in construction and even function, thus unable to tell which one is used for what purposes. 


But soon after your initial few treads into the field of sewing you will realize, you do need a group of best machines to help you out. And over time you will find out how indispensable each machine is for you.


The serger machines are largely revered as the time saving machines for sewists. The best serger machine is designed to carry out trimming the seam and bordering the seam allowance. Giving the cloth an additional designing along the corners. 

Or simply enclosing the raw edges of a fabric at the middle of the thread casing. But doing all of this in simple one step. Based on the serger machine model you choose you can accomplish a lot more.


Embroidery machines are very much in trend since the hand embroidered clothes have gotten an update. These machines are preferred due to the increased efficiency viz-a-viz hand embroidery. 

Furthermore, there are a myriad of embroidery stitches and you can not learn to hand embroider each and everyone out there. Thus, an embroidery machine is significant to make beautiful embroidery designs on cushions, garments, clothes, curtains and what not.


For sewists, a best sewing machine more or less defines the quality of the work one can produce. Nowadays, sewing machines are designed keeping in mind users’ requirements. Such as ease of use yet not lacking in any modern functions. 

Moreover, there are some special models created by sewing machine brands to cater different levels of sewing projects. For instance, there are best sewing machines for beginners, for heavy duty stitching, and computerised models for industrial and small business set ups as well.


Various machine brands every now and then present combo machines. Such machines are capable of carrying out a combination of aforementioned functions. In this category you can find embroidery sewing machines, sergers with coverstitch, machines for quilting and embroidery.

Although these combination machines are compact, it saves a lot of space for home businesses. However, for large scale production a combo machine might not work out.