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17 Free purse patterns everyone is loving

Here is the list of my personal favorite free purse patterns that are quite popular online.

These best free purse patterns are not merely sewing patterns but are detailed tutorials as well. You can find the step by step constructions along with illustrations.

Some of the patterns are quick whilst for others you might need an hour or two. I have included free purse patterns for both beginners and advanced seamstrees. Also certain enumerated free purse patterns are pdf.

Wish you good luck in sewing your fav purse pattern!

To collect these free purse patterns, I have invested a fair amount of time. In that I wanted to include only those free purse patterns that are practical. Also the output has to be something you can feel proud of. 

So let’s dive into the list!

4 Simplest Free purse patterns for beginners

Small drawstring purse

Drawstring purse is probably the easiest one out there for you to try. Since you do not need to worry about the closure. Try this undemanding free purse pattern for beginners which is the work of apple green cottage.  

Medium sized lined purse

This is an excellent tutorial on how to make a simple purse for beginners. You can follow the instructions and make this elegant lined bag for yourself even when you are a novice sewist.

The size of this purse pattern falls in the medium category.

Large purse with pockets

Need a purse pattern to sew a large sized purse. Get this free downloadable purse pattern at swoon patterns. The bag exhibits a pocket and complementing straps to furnish a rather singular look. 

Free purse pattern to sew and sell

In case you are intending to make some purses for your home business. You can attempt this free purse pattern to sew and sell by bag stock designs. The pattern depicts a subtle, cross body style purse. 

With the size of 8×7 inches it can carry all your crucial things. And above all, it is also an easy to make free purse pattern for beginners. 

3 on demand Free purse patterns to print

Small fan purse

If you have not found the perfect free purse pattern to harmonize with your singular look, try this unique fan shaped purse free printable pattern designed by sewing.

You can find the directions as well as the materials required to make this purse together with the pattern.

Medium purse with pockets

This is an ultimate free pattern for the purse with pockets. This medium sized purse pattern is meticulously crafted by domestic-diva online. As it carries eleven pockets with the height of 11″ wide by 12″.

Big cargo duffle

If you are looking for a free sewing pattern for a duffle bag. Then the Robertkaufman has presented you with the pattern. The pattern carries refreshing colors for fabrics including leather. You can find the pdf here.

7 Priceless free purse patterns for different outfits

Free purse patterns with zipper closure

Casual purse

This brilliant free sewing pattern by craft passion is not that recent but a great medium sized purse pattern you can try. It is a casual style purse which you can create both with zipper closure and without zipper. But for beginners without a zipper is an easy project.

The size of the purse made by the pattern is 12″ (W) x 8 1/2″ (H) x 1″ (D).

Semi Formal purse

This is a go to purse which you can carry to your semi formal gatherings. This is the work of sew like my mom which is a complete tutorial along with the pattern to sew. You will find plenty of images to help you out at each step during construction.

Free boho bag sewing pattern

This free purse pattern is shared by fabric art diy. The Boho style one shoulder bag is big enough to cater to all your necessary items. Moreover the pattern suggests double thickness at the strap to ensure its sturdiness. Here is free purse pattern.

Free cross body purse patterns IN THREE SIZES

Small cross body purse with flap closure

This single zippered pocket purse is a cute effort from blue call a patterns. You can get the free purse pattern to make this purse with a lovely decorative closure.

Regular Size Cross Body Bag

This free cross body purse pattern to sew is a creative venture by noodle-head. The most amazing thing about the purse pattern is that it is not only free but you can have it in two different sizes. Get the free purse pattern here.

Large cross body purse

Sew sweetness has also created a cute free cross body purse pattern to sew. Holding darts, the purse carries a more or less round shape. In addition, the pattern is available in two different sizes.

4 Bizarre free purse patterns

Leather purse

Follow this leather purse free pattern by Box wood avenue to treat yourself with a voguish purse. The pattern carries all the fundamental details in the DIY to guide you through the process of sewing the leather purse.

Quilted purse

Making a quilted purse is quite different from working with outer fabrics. Knowing this I have included this handy quilted purse free pattern by sew 4 home. As the pattern includes adjustable straps you will be able to stitch one for yourself and also for kids.

Felt purse

Life sew savory holds an adorable free felt purse pattern for all the felt lovers out there. You can try this small sized felt purse pattern easily. The size of this pattern makes a 7×6 inches felt purse.  

Felted wool purse

I have to admit that finding felted wool free purse patterns was probably the most audacious attempt to search for free sewing purse patterns. In that it consumed a lot of my time. But since you wanted it finally I have found one for you.

This free felted wool purse pattern is the work from knitty. The size of this purse is 9×7 inches when finished.

The closure

We just can not have enough purses, and how great it can be if you can design them on your own. Since as a sewist you will ultimately turn to sewing every possible thing yourself.

I went through the same, thus, I have collected these free purse patterns to assist you through the process of making purses.

Hope you have found the one which suits your needs and style. So just get the fabric and start off the project.

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