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17 Free plus size sewing patterns

Here is the list of free plus size sewing patterns for women. These are my favorite patterns for plus size sewing in that they are perfect.

These best free plus size sewing patterns are designed aptly to contour your body rather than making it to look bigger.

You can also follow the patterns and create well shaped clothes for yourself. Since they are already tried on and worn by lovely plus size women, thus why not try at least one to see what a great dress it can make for you.


I have spent several hours collecting these free plus size sewing patterns online. Not all the other available patterns are really free or either they are not upto my taste. Unlike others these patterns are sure to bring about a chic dress even in plus size.

Free summer sewing patterns: plus size

Summer always brings an unending and un invited struggle with itself: the scuffle to look for the best free sewing patterns. And in case you happen to gain some weight in the recent winter you need to be more vigilant. 

Free plus size shirt sewing patterns to download

Flora blouse

Beautiful gathered blouse with upper yoke

SIZE: 20-30

Pattern is available in plus size 63 inch hips.

Karri top

A Peplum shape top with tulip sleeves and genteel tied up waist

SIZE: 20-30

Pattern offers up to 63 inch hip size

Free sewing patterns for plus size tops

Sylvan tank dress

Although this is a pattern for dress, you can use it in different ways. Designing a simple tank top or the tank dress as suggested.

SIZE: max 32

Available in 63.5 inch hips

The daisy top

Shirt free sewing pattern

This top exhibits a stylish combination of different fabrics sewn together.

SIZE: 20-30 

Offered up to 63 inch hips

Free plus size sewing patterns for beginners

These following patterns are simple to sew for beginners. Ranging from tunics to t-shirts all are plus sizes.

Free sewing patterns tunics plus size

Molina tunic

Simple yet elegant tunic top with optional neck design

SIZE: 20-30

Presented up to 63 inch hip size

Pattern contains seam allowance

Laelia tunic

This is a High neck tunic mini dress

SIZE: 20-30

Available upto 63 inch hip

Seam allowance is taken in into the pattern

Free sewing patterns plus size t-shirts

Victoria tee

Funky versatile look t-shirt

SIZE: 20-30 

Obtainable upto 63 inch hips

Seam allowance are already covered

Lavender tee

Free Tee Shirt Sewing Pattern

A versatile t-shirt

SIZE: 20-30

Presented up to 63 inch hips

Pattern includes seam allowance

mimosa dress

A t-shirt bodice expertly designed as a dress with a wrap skirt.

SIZE: 20-30

63 inch hip size are available

Do not add seam allowance since it is prior included

Plus size sewing patterns free: shorts

Piper shorts

You can skip the belt in case you are looking for comfortable sleep shorts.

SIZE: 20-30

Available upto 63 inch hips

Seam allowance included

Free sewing patterns for plus size dresses 

Being plus size does not mean that one can not wear fashionable dresses. If you are also a beautiful plus size woman just try these amazing dress patterns I have shortlisted for you.

Maisel dress

This marvellous dress pattern carries both a temporary yet vintage appearance.

SIZE: 20-30

Offered up to 63 inch hips

Seam allowance included in the pattern

Lunaria dress

Lunaria Dress Redux

Knee length dress with mandarin collar and trendy ruffle sleeves.

SIZE: 20-30

Pattern is provided for hip size up to 63 inch

Seam allowance is already included

gilia dress

Free Dress Sewing Pattern

A panelled formal wear with full sleeves

SIZE: 20-30

Hip size up to 63 inch is covered

Seam allowance is taken in already

Vernal jumpsuit

A contemporary designed plus size free sewing pattern for a jumpsuit with low back and frill front.

SIZE: max 32

Available upto 63.5 inch hips

Seam allowance is incorporated

Free sewing patterns for winters

Free sewing patterns for plus size women hoodie

Leaving the regular hoodies behind, I have come up with these innovative plus size hoodie patterns. Have a look!

Gordonia hoodie

Free hoodie sewing pattern

An easy to make cropped hoodie. Ideal for working out.

SIZE: 20-30

Pattern offers hips size upto 63 inch

Seam allowance is numbered.

Hoodie dress

Extremely comfortable hoodie dress with long sleeves. Perfect snuggly warm piece to put on.

SIZE: 20-30

Hip size upto 63 inch are available

Pattern contains seam allowance

The lotus leggings

Deviating from regular plain, these paneled leggings are quite discrete.

SIZE: 20-30

Pattern carries upto hip size 63 inch

Seam allowance is added

Final thoughts

Plus size sewing patterns does not have to be tedious, but it can be as funky as any other size can be. Believing in this I have shared with you my preferred Free plus size sewing patterns.

I have covered all sorts of items any plus size woman would need in the wardrobe. From casual t-shirts to formal dresses, leggings and tunics. So make sure you dress in lovely clothes from now on. You can also attempt some free vintage sewing patterns.

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