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5 free printable DIY Face Mask Patterns

Here are the simple cloth face mask patterns I follow to make perfect homemade face masks. My fabric “masks are exquisite”, says everyone and so will yours.

I spent a whole day looking for the best cloth face mask patterns. I have found out that the patterns are printable but lack the guide to draw those patterns. In case one does not have a printer at home like me. 

So unlike the face mask patterns online, I have included a step by step pattern making method so that you can draw them yourself. You can get each pattern for pdf as well. You can make a mask from pattern to sewing simply at home.

Face mask patterns are indispensable to sewing professional face masks.

I have included a variety of face masks following the patterns you can sew wonderful masks on sewing machines or get the no sew pattern.

Given the current situation due to COVID-19 face masks are crucial. Although CDC has softened the compulsion, it offered clear instructions for the public to wear face masks in settings where unvaccinated people are nearby. 

So let’s dive in!

Our Face Mask patterns

To help you out I have organized the following face mask patterns for homemade face masks with ties.

3D face mask pattern- one piece face mask pattern without pleats

  • Draw a rectangle 17x25cm (L x W).
  • Draw another rectangle inside this one with 1cm from each side.
  • Measure 4cm on both sides of all the 4 corners of the inner rectangle.
  • Join the points with another line making a small triangle on each corner.

Find the 3D face mask free printable pdf pattern here. Seam allowance is already included. The size is adult which is particularly suitable for women.

Fitted face mask pattern for glasses wearers

  • Have a rectangle with the dimensions 21×28 cm 
  • Measure 5.5cm from each corner and mark it.
  • Now join the two marks on the adjacent sides with a line.
  • Do this on each side.
  • Cut the area of the rectangle left out by joining the lines.
  • Now fold the paper in an exact half twice to get this shape.
  • Mark the exact center of the side A
  1. Measure 1cm from this center and draw a freehand line with this as the deepest point.
  2. Now measure 3.5cm on side B and draw a line and double the paper from this line.
  • Open the paper and fold it like this and cut it following the freehand line.
  • Unfold it again and you can see three lines in the center.
  • Fold the first and third line on the opposite side.
  • Unfold these recent folds.
  • This is the 3D fitted face mask pattern particularly suitable for glass wearers.

Find the Fitted face mask free printable pdf pattern here. It is just available in adult size convenient for women. Seam allowance is already included.

Olson face mask pattern- face mask pattern with filter

  • Make a rectangle ABCD with the dimensions 18x15cm (L x W) on paper.
  • Draw a line EF to divide the rectangle in exactly half. 
  • Now from point B measure 4.5cm on BC and draw a mark G.
  • From this mark draw a line GH of 5cm downwards towards the line EF.
  • On the side AD, measure 5.5cm and dot the point. Let’s call it I.
  • Likewise measure 4cm on ED and 3cm on EC. And name them J and K respectively.
  • Now join F to G and F to I.
  • Similarly link the marks I and J.
  • Join the point H to K as well.
  • Now place the ruler diagonally and measure 3cm at point H. Let’s name the point as L.
  • On the line EF draw marks M and N at 1cm and 3cm respectively.
  • Draw a line of 1cm perpendicular to FG at the center of the line. And call it O.
  • Likewise draw a line of 0.5cm perpendicular to FI at P.
  • Now it’s time to draw without a ruler. Join the points G to O, O to F, F to P , and P to I. with free hand semicircular lines.
  • Link the point G to L and L to K similarly.
  • Draw a line parallel to CD at the point M and N. But let’s keep the lines inside the figure.
  • This is a simple Olson 3 layer face mask pattern with a filter pocket you have just completed.

Here is the Olson face mask free printable pdf pattern. It is available in Medium size for women only at the moment. Seam allowance is already included.

Round type face mask

  • Draw a circle having the circumference according to the size you need. For instance I have chosen 23cm for a kids face mask.
  • Cut the circle out of the paper and fold it twice.
  • Now cut it to get four separate pieces.
  • This is the pattern for round type fabric face masks with ties.

Get the round type fabric face mask free printable PDF pattern here. It is available in adult size only at the moment. Seam allowance is already included.

No sew face mask pattern

  • Draw a rectangle ABCD of 12x17cm (L x W).
  • Mark 6 cm to draw a line EF in the middle of the rectangle.
  • On the side DC from point D measure 1.5 cm and draw a line GH to meet the side AB.
  • Now from this point i.e. H, measure 1.5cm on GH, and from that point I draw a line upwards to meet the line EF at point J.
  • From this point J, mark 5.5 cm on EF and draw a line KL downwards till you reach the line GH at point L.
  • Extend this line from point K upwards till 2cm and name it M. 
  • Now from point C of the rectangle measure 4cm on the side BC. Let’s call it N.
  • From point N, draw a line to meet the CD at E.
  • Now mark the center O of this line NE. And draw a line OP of 0.7cm.
  • On DA from the point D mark 1.5cm and draw a line QE.
  • Divide the line in half at R and at this point draw a line RS of 0.5cm
  • Now it is time to draw free handedly. In the box IJKL, draw a circle.
  • Join the point N to P and P to E.
  • Connect E to S and S to Q like this.
  • Link N to M and extend towards J and then I.
  • Here is a no sew face mask pattern you just made yourself. 

Find the no sew face mask free printable PDF pattern by clicking here. It is available in adult size only at the moment which is fitted for women. Seam allowance is already included.

The next step

You have already chosen the face mask pattern you need. So let’s dive into the most interesting part. It’s time for sewing face masks according to the pattern.

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