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10 amazing deals to buy Discount fabric online

Here are my preferred spots to buy discount fabric online.

These spots offer fabrics at discount for sewists who prefer to buy online. So that you can get the best slash price for any material. Bet it fabric for sewing apparels, cushions, beddings, quilts, or designing upholstery.

It is better to order swatch before purchasing the larger pieces of fabric.

Like many of you, it was a habit of mine to keep looking for discount fabric online. But recently my search has come to an end. Because I have found these extraordinary places to buy the fabric on concession.

From now on, you can also have quality discount fabric for most of your projects. 

So let’s dig in!

Best spots for Discount fabric online

My best spots for shopping discount online are as follows:


There might not be any fabric store list that gets completed without including Etsy. Nonetheless they offer products at quite rational prices generally. But you can buy excellent discount fabric here as well. Just insert the filter for color, location, special offer, and you will have the fabric for your money.

Online fabric store

Online fabric store is quite famous for discount fabric shopping. As you can get great fabrics by yard for any sort of project from here.  Also the place is amongst my recommended options for upholstery.

You can find a variety of materials and patterns. Such as subtle colors with self print fabrics or go for the floral prints.

Fabric wholesale direct

One of the finest spots to buy discount fabric online is Fabric wholesale direct. You can easily find fabric for crafting, designing, home decor, or events. The most desirable thing is that the fabric is not only on wholesale rate but you are not bound to order any particular measurement. 

Since there is no minimum order restriction just choose the type and quantity you require. The place also presents extremely comfortable faux fur fabric on discount for upholstery.

Or you can use it in countless ways for instance in making coats, stoles, cushions, blankets, etc. There is enough variety to match your each project.

Fabric depot

Although the Fabric depot presents ravishing variety on a myriad of materials. This place presents unmatched prices to buy fabric online. You can choose the materials from their premium products at the discount rate.

For buying discount fabric online just go to the category discount fabric and see for yourself the huge number of products they hold. And buy the exact fabric you are looking for.

Fabric mart fabrics

Another option for buying discount fabric online is the fabric mart fabrics. Simply select the sale fabric option and enjoy the jaw dropping rates. Buy the materials for the lowest prices as low as $1.00 per yard. Or just shop under the category of 60% or 70% off.

Best fabric store

One of the most vast varieties of online fabric shopping is provided by the Best fabric store. So it is not possible that you would not find any discount fabric here. But do not forget that the price they offer is quite reasonable, so do not mind going through the fabric section in addition to the sale category.


My first and only choice for discount quilt fabric is fabric. If you have already shopped here. You would know how impeccable the variety is for sewisits. You can easily toggle between products. Or just shop by newest, bestseller, or top rated. There is an incredible array of themes the quilters use to design different projects. 

For instance, you can choose to get immersed into the vast blue of the ocean, or your love for polka dots. But if you prefer solid color consider this white 100% cotton fabric on discount.

Decorators best

This NYC based company has been in the field for quite some time and most of the sewists are already acquainted with it. 

The Decorators best offers a myriad of quality fabrics for all sorts of home decoration. And also one of the hot spots for sewists who are looking for discounted cotton prints fabric for their projects. 

fashion fabrics club

The fashion fabrics club holds one of the most varied products lists. There is not only a plethora of material on regular rates but you can buy from the collection of discount fabric.

Since they offer the discount fabric for almost all types of projects which are already categorized. So instead of adding any filter you just need to choose the project type you are working on for buying the discount fabric.

And this is one of my preferred things when it comes to shopping. Things are already sorted, just pick the one and there you are.

Connecting threads

If you are a professional sewist, there is a fair chance that you are already acquainted with Connecting threads. The spot offers discount rates for a variety of fabric including quilts. 

You can design table runners, lamp shades, and home decoration items with the fabric. 

Moreover, the discount fabric is sold by the yard, so it can be used in multiple ways.

The closure

The aforementioned places are the hotspots for buying discount fabric online. And just like many other sewists you are also going to find the perfect fabrics for your campaign.

So keep designing your ideas with the fabric you have bought. Or find some more materials for your projects and buy fabric online.

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