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11 premium Spots to Buy fabric online

Here is the list of my go for fabric spots to buy fabric online.

These best places offer fabrics by yard. You can consider floral prints highlighting poise ilk, abstract patterns for contemporary ambiance, regular stripes for elusive feel. Or just go for trellises, or quiet solids if your project needs.


As a passionate sewist, you often need to buy fabric online. And not every place can furnish you with plenty of premium options. So after researching for a couple of hours, I have come up with this list of best spots to buy fabric online.

The fabrics can be used to in sewing and home decor in many ways. Not only these textile fabrics are utilized to make clothes, pillows, curtains, but for quilting, furniture, and upholstery as well.

I have further evaluated the places for particular projects and materials. You might also have a project in your to-do list for which you need to get fabric online. So without any hold up let’s dive into it!

Buy cotton and linen fabric online

Cotton and linen are the most commonly used fabrics in clothing. And sewists are more often than not looking for the best place to buy cotton and linen fabrics online. So there you are,


There is a fair chance that you have already shopped at Joann. If not, then let me tell you it is one of the most esteemed places to buy cotton or linen fabric online. Although I have included it just for cotton and linen, but the variety they offer is amazing.

You can shop any fabric by yard such as flannel, fleece, canvas, linen, vinyl, and lightweight decoration fabric, or outdoor materials. You can find a suitable material for any of your projects on their list of thousands of products.

So this time around shop for your crafting, clothing, and quilting projects as you can buy materials at every offer. And the most amazing thing is you can shop here within your budget.

Mood fabrics

Who is not aware of the mood fabrics? It is probably one of the most famous places to buy materials for clothing and apparels in NYC. In addition to buying cotton and linen material, you can have plenty of other high end fabrics like silk, linen, polyester, rayon, and wool in beautiful colors and patterns also.

Once you reach the place, you will be virtually entering a huge shop having thousands of fabrics. So do not forget to add filters for type, color, brand, pattern or theme. You can shop materials for many other projects including upholstery and home decoration.

You can also shop fabrics based on the skill level. Or if you are irritated by those unavailable fabrics just choose by products’ warehouse status. 

Buy upholstery fabric online

Best Upholstery fabrics are the materials furniture designers are always struggling to hold onto. Be it for your own furniture or if you are running a furniture business the following are the places to find quality upholstery fabric online.


The Westelm is the most reputed place to buy upholstery fabric. In practice it is not just a furniture retailer but you can find a myriad of fabrics for all sorts of home decoration projects. So if you are working on a home decor project, you can find the materials to design bedding, cushions, table runners, throw pillows, window shades, and curtains similar to your furniture fabric.

The most interesting thing for me is that Westelm offers the option to order swatches online. Not to mention you can find the fabrics by yard here.

You will have abundant choices for cotton-blend, canvas, linen, velvet, tweed, twill, microfiber, long-wear polyester, silky rayon, leather, and faux leather materials. Therefore, add the filter for color, type, or theme to shop easily.


Another, worth visiting spot for upholstery fabric shopping is Calico. Besides, you can find quality materials for bedding, window treatments, or furniture for the living room.

You can browse through different categories for linen, matelassé, denim, leather, suede, fur, embroidered, silk, sheer, lace, velvet, performance, and indoor-outdoor fabrics. And ask for any satch you need before ordering the fabric.

So just shop by color or pattern and find the mesmerizing variety the Claico offers.

Buy quilting fabric online

If you are trying to find premium fabric for the quilting project then you do not need to search any more. Here are the best spots to buy quilting fabric online.


The best spot to buy quilting fabric online that I have found is Fabric. It is so because you can just shop for fabrics based on whatever you want. Be it color, type, pattern or by your purpose of buying. 

In addition, if you want to shop by the most popular fabrics you can simply do it as well. 

Not only it provides with the best fabrics online but the variety is also commendable. You can shop for quilting, and apparels from the plethora of fabrics like linen, chiffon, organza, or outdoor fabrics, broadcloth, canvas, fleece, faux leather. And many more.


Micheals is one of the best places to buy quilting fabric. Nonetheless, you can buy any material ranging from home decoration, apparel, quilting, nursery sports, to tablecloths, and lampshades.

You can shop fabric by yard here based on color and category. Their high end fabrics are not only available with themed and solid colors but you can shop for embroidered fabrics as well.

Rifle paper

This place is particularly famous among the sewists and home decor enthusiasts. All thanks to Rifle paper premium products coupled with highly meticulous themed prints.

In addition, you can find a unique blend of nature and structure in the prints it produces. For instance, the floral prints are uniquely designed. Therefore, my go to spot for floral prints when it comes to buying cotton fabric online is always here.

Buy curtain fabric online

Curtains are not merely an item in your room, it is an emblem of your personality. Believing in this, buying curtain fabrics is also significant and requires some attention. To help you out the following are the online stores, I have shortlisted;

Loom decor

One of the most impressive varieties of fabrics for home decor online is presented by loom decor. You can find material for curtains, bedding, pillows, cushions or even table linens.

This is one of my favorite places to shop curtain fabrics due to its highly desirable theme collection.

Furthermore, you can buy fabric by yard scanning through products for price, color, pattern, category, material, or weight.


This place is no different from the previous entry. Spoon flower exhibits one of the finest prints for curtain fabrics. 

Since it is designed by individual artificers you can feel the singularity of each one whilst going through the products. The materials include a vast array of fabrics which you can use to create contemporary crafts as well as standard pieces. Among these prints sushi, heartbeat and mermaid scales are the exceptional materials offered by spoon flower.

Above all, the water based dyes are used in printing so the fabrics are mainly eco friendly. Given the synchronous boost to environment friendly ventures, spoon flower has surely won its name. But this makes the fabrics more expensive viz-a-viz others.


The hitherto famous printing hub that specialized in invitations, gifts, and event planning services, is now gaining reputation as a place for buying fabric online by yard. It is primarily due to the diversity of patterns Minted presents.

Other than curtains you can also design pillows, tablecloths, napkins, and lampshades. This place also offers brilliant themes and fabrics for children’s clothing as well.

The only thing that acts as a bit of hindrance for me is that they only allow 54 inch width choice. One has to shop the fabric in full yard increments. There is also a restriction of 10 yards for each design.  

But since it allows you to shop not only from the variety of color, and print but also by complex, regular, or bigger prints the options are countless. 


One of the top notch retailers providing fabrics for curtains, and crafts is Blick. Traditionally it has earned the reputation of a high end art supply store. Once dealing in paper products, and painting, is now offering full rolls, yards, and cut pieces of fabrics including linen, cotton, tulle, burlap, muslin, and felt. You can also find Aida cloth fabric for crafts here. 

Or you can choose the Smart-Fab. Which is a non fading material and can be used in home decor projects since it is simple to cut, stitch, paste, or bend. Substituting both paper or cloth for that matter. 

Final thoughts

Buying fabric is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make as a professional sewist. Or even if you are just sewing clothes for your kids, the fabric has to be premium yet affordable.

To assist you in buying the best material for your projects, I have devised this list of my top 10 spots for buying fabric online. 

Or you might have it as a hobby, but even then you need to buy fabric. Thus, each time you shop, keep in mind to buy fabric by yard. And try to ask for swatches before ordering a whole roll of material. Shopping discount fabric online is also a great option.

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