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16 bizarre quick Baby blanket sewing patterns

Here is the list of my favorite baby blanket sewing patterns.

These beautiful baby blanket sewing patterns are made from soft and cozy materials. Most of these are free baby blanket sewing patterns.

I have spent some hours finding the following baby blanket sewing patterns. Each of the blanket patterns is a thorough tutorial. Furnishing you with plenty of instructions and illustrations along the way. 

Although not all are printable free patterns for sewing a baby blanket, yet you can easily finish sewing one just by following the steps.

To make the list more interesting and easy to choose I have categorized the patterns. So let’s start!

5 Easy baby blanket sewing patterns for beginners

All the beginners moms out there, these baby blanket sewing patterns are specially for you. Even if you are not a mother yourself but want to give something to a new parent. A blanket is probably one of the warmest things you can come up with.

You can surely make all of our easy baby blanket sewing patterns for beginners. 

Swaddling Baby Blanket

This easy and free baby blanket sewing pattern is crafted by purl so ho. To help beginners they have incorporated a plethora of images and step by step directions.

Free printable baby blanket sewing pattern

You were too lazy to make a baby blanket until now. But even if it is last minute, you can try this ten minute baby blanket sewing pattern. The free printable baby blanket sewing pattern is crafted by little house living.

Free baby blanket sewing pattern

This 2 yard fabric baby blanket free pattern is the work of see kate sew. She has provided the tutorial to make the blanket along with the pattern.

Quick flannel baby blanket

This is a half an hour baby blanket sewing pattern presented by patchworkposse. Either follow the simple tutorial or you can get the printable pattern to make the blanket.

Simple baby blanket

You can make a cozy blanket for babies pursuing this complete tutorial by takingcareofmonkeybusiness. This baby blanket pattern is another 30 minute sewing venture.

4 Baby boy blanket sewing patterns

Giving something that you have made yourself is always the most precious thing you can proffer to welcome a baby. Having a baby boy in your family, how about attempting these fine Baby boy blanket sewing patterns.

Cuddle baby blanket

This blanket sewing pattern by sew4home is a combination of three different fabrics. Including, plush, and flannel. The tutorial also highlights how you can get the perfect corner for the baby blankets.

Flannel baby blanket

Next in the list is a simple flannel baby boy blanket sewing pattern. This detailed tutorial on flannel baby blanket sewing pattern is by lifesewsavory.

Hooded baby blanket sewing pattern

The hooded baby blankets look particularly handsome on baby boys. If you also agree, try this fleece baby blanket sewing pattern meticulously drafted by sewcraftyme. But girls are always pretty no matter what they out on. So feel free to make this for the baby girls around you.

Baby bunting blanket

Or try these cute baby bunting blankets for the baby boy. Blanket sleepers are one of the most loved blankets by babies. Follow this sewing pattern by craftdrawer and make one for your baby boy.

3 Baby girl blanket sewing patterns

Although the baby blankets sewing patterns can be used to emulate blankets for any baby, baby girl blankets have to be specially adorable. So, I have collected some sweet baby girl blanket sewing patterns into the list.

Ruffled baby blanket

This is a brilliantly designed baby girl blanket sewing pattern by sweetredpoppy. The ruffles at the borders add some allure whilst the satin fabric maintains the delicacy for a baby blanket. 

Chenille baby blanket

Unlike other sewing patterns for baby blankets, this one is a Heirloom Cut baby blanket. Feeling inspired, attempt this wonderful baby girl blanket sewing pattern by aestheticnest.

Watermelon baby blanket

Seeing your little darling in one of these watermelon baby blankets is sure to be alluring. This baby swaddle sewing pattern by mesewcrazy is divided in a total of six steps along with illustrations. 

4 Unisex baby blanket sewing patterns

Broached below are some unisex baby blanket sewing patterns. 

Cotton Minky baby blanket

Howdoesshe has also contributed to the list of my lovely baby blanket sewing patterns. Try this Minky baby blanket sewing pattern which is perfect for both summer and winter.

Minky baby blanket

Follow this detailed sewing pattern and tutorial by suzyquilts and make a cozy minky baby blanket. Given the ease of construction, you can complete the blanket in just half an hour.

Receiving baby blanket

This baby blanket sewing tutorial is an effort by aspoonfulofsugardesigns. You can simply follow along to stitch a comfortable baby blanket for the new member of your family.

Bohemian baby blanket

It took me some additional time in finding this free baby bohemian blanket sewing pattern. In this free baby blanket sewing pattern by christineswilliams you can discover plenty of instructions to finish the project.

The closure

As a sewist, there might be anyone who has not yet tried a baby blanket sewing pattern. And know how satisfying it feels to give it to those you love. But in case you are a beginner and looking to try out some sewing projects, you can create comfortable and striking blankets for the babies around you.

Hoping you won’t miss this opportunity and let the baby embrace and feel your presence. You can also add some Applique sewing patterns on the baby blanket.

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