Hey you all!

Let me welcome you to the largest passionate clan for sewists. 

It’s Penelope Moore, probably one of the most obsessed sewists. I just can not say from where exactly I got motivated but I have been designing crafts on my machine for two years now. I like embroidering cushions, and designing handicrafts. Nowadays I am also working on free motion quilting. 

Since you are here already I am getting the liberty of guessing that you are in love with stitching just like me. You might be doing sewing, quilting, or embroidery. But whatever you are interested in you are putting your heart and soul into it. I know it!

When I started sewing, things were quite complex for me. Particularly as a beginner, when it came to choosing the sewing and embroidery machines. I realised that the real difficulty is how to tell which one is right for me.  

Although it was the very first dilemma, overtime I have found out that every decision regarding stitching, be it fabrics, threads, or machines matters a lot and is equally onerous. Gauging the problems regarding sewing, I have decided to help out all those sharing this hobby with me. 

So here I am with the most important and somewhat basic information on sewing. So that you can keep up with your hobby without stress. The pleasure of stitching is unmatched. It does not only furnish a contented heart but a lot more. It’s something only a sewist would understand.

Happy stitching clan members


Penelope Moore